February 15, 2015


Mexico City MTC


Hermana Tchan

Valentine Day Chat

Hello there dad I am actually really really sick right now. I woke up feeling nauseous and thought it would go away after breakfast. After personal scripture study for an hour this morning in the class room I couldn´t sit there any longer so I went back to the casa to sleep. Hermana Shreve is really sick to, she left class early last night. So she has been in the casa all day with me. I felt like death packing all of my clothes but I had no other choice because tmro we have devotionals all day so I had to pack. After I finished packing around 3 I had a really bad migrane so I took some tylonal and past tense essential oli, put my earplugs in and was out. I slept for an hour, hermana and I woke up, read a chapter in the scriptures and felt like we were going to throw up so we went back to sleep. I woke up at 6:30 stood up and threw up in the bathroom. I just walked to the comedor and got some toast, dry bran cereal, and an apple for my dinner. Havent had eaten since breakfast this morning. So now I´m pale, shaky and have another headache coming on. The other hermana´s said they would email for me but I told them I promised you that I would. (wouldn´t miss a chance to talk to you guys). I said a specific prayer earlier this morning that I would feel peace and comfort and get better because I still have to write my talk in spanish tonigh for tmo´s sacrament meeting on diligence. Hopefully by throwing up my body will be able to get better now. All of the Hermana´s believe that the people who got sick in our district were the ones that didn´t drink all of the cooco cola after we ate the street tacos. I had a little bit left and couldn´t finish it so I gave the rest to Hermana Tchan and Elder Goodman is really sick and he didn´t drink his whole coac either.... darn street tacos, all for the experience I guess. So that was my valentines day, how was everyones?


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