February 3, 2015


Mexico City MTC


Hermana Tchan

Week 5

¡Hola mi familia!

It´s Feb already and we are on our 5th week here at the CCM! Time has flown by so fast it´s unbelievable. So this last week was pretty rough for me... our district is pretty comfortable around each other now so we are all more relaxed now about a lot of things, including language study and talking in general. The schedule at the CCM is pretty much the same every day so not much changes from day to day. We are all ready to leave and change things up. Remember how I said there was a really bad sickness going around the CMM? Well last Saturday after I got out of the shower I felt like I was going to throw up.. very nauseous. My hermana and I stayed in the casa and I slept until noon, then we went to lunch. I was still pretty nauseous feeling and very shaky. Luckily later that evening I was feeling better enough to go to my afternoon Spanish class and study in the class room. Saturday evening the CCM didn´t serve dinner because it was fast Sunday the next day. I decided to fast for two meals for the first time in my entire life. I usually only fasted for one meal. Sunday morning I didn´t eat breakfast either. I decided to fast to have the gift of tongues in my lessons, to have increased diligent studies, and help memorizing Spanish verbs (Sunday during our district meeting one of the Elders had a spiritual thought and the topic was saying specific prayers. I really took that to heart and before sacrament meeting I went into the bathroom and said a specific prayer that I would be able to feel the spirit so strongly that day and throughout the rest of this week. During sacrament meeting the district ahead of us 5-b all bore their testimonies because it was their last Sunday, today they all left the CCM (tear). During the sacrament meeting I was able to feel the spirit so incredibly strongly, I was a puddle of tears, happy ones of course! A few Elders from our district shared their testimonies as well. I look up to them so much because every time they give theirs it strengthens mine. After the meeting I went outside behind the building and broke my fast and thanked my loving Heavenly Father for answering my prayers. I know now that saying specific prayers will work if you have sincere intent. After my experience this Sunday with fasting, I gained a greater appreciation for it. I´m thankful for the opportunity I had to fast and even though it´s hard, I felt like I accomplished something after I ended my fast.
I needed to complete my goal of finishing the BOM in the CCM because I know I need to have a firm testimony of the truthfulness of the BOM before I get out into the field. I have found a greater desire to read them more than I ever have before and I am determined to finish it before I leave. Last night during personal study time I read Alma chapter 5.. It´s so beautiful and one of my new favorites. Tonight for family home evening I would love for you guys to read it together and discuss your favorite parts in the chapter. I sent out some letters the first week I got to the CCM... it doesn´t sound like they made it home yet, but when you get them I have a bunch of topics and stories from my experiences in devotionals here, what have been my most favorite experiences here, and other things more in-depth. I know I won´t have time to write as many letters on pday in the field so I thought I´d take advantage of it while I can. Those letters should be coming any time (hopefully soon) along with a letter for Natasha for her birthday.
I would love to hear some positive quotes, or encouragement from you guys to help me stay happy and upbeat during my last two weeks in the CCM. I love you all and look forward to hearing from you next Tuesday. Thank you for all of the prayers and support I really appreciate it.

Love ya,
Hermana Angell


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