January 13, 2015


Mexico City MTC


Hermana Tchan

Hola mi Familia!

Hello my wonderful family! I just read everyones emails to me, thank you so much for the kind words I loved them. Not going to lie, I´m crying right now. I miss everyone so much and hope your weeks went well. So my flights went well, they wernt bad at all. When we arrived at the airport in mexico the first thing I got was a paper that said in caps: EBOLA and how its spreading. So that was automatically comforting... haha not. After immigration I stood with about 100 missionaries and we took 3 busses to the CCM (MTC). Wow mexico is SO sktchey! After we got to the CCM we had an orientation, got our nametags and got massive bag full of preach my gosples and spanish txt books. The first night was tough not going to lie. I cried in the bathroom, especially after I read moms letter to me. BTW thank you for the letters and the ring I read on the plane I loved them (its ok truman thank you for the email buddy). The first two nights were rought emotionally and because the beds here are like rocks. No worries now I have 10 blankts stacked up on my bed (: All better! Theres four hermanas in a casa. My companion´s name is hermana Tchan and shes from Tahiti and here native language is french. She is doing great with her spanish and so she helps me a lot. The other two sisters are Hermana Shrieve and Hermana Willis. I LOVE all of them we get along great. The other two sisters are our zone leaders and I´m the senior companion to heremana tchan. Adjusting to missionary life hasn´t been hard at all.. I was ready. The hardest thing for me right now is staying mentally focused all day, especially in a classroom. I love it when we can study outside! It´s paradise here at the CCM. So a typical day here goes like this: Wake up at 5:45 shower then personal study in our class room for a half hour then breakfast at 7 then class time from 9:30 to 12:30 then lunch and then gym time for a while and then companion study then our progressive investigator study, then we teach our lesson. After that dinner time in the comedor we have personal study, planning, then we stay with our district in our room till 9:30 and do language study. After we get back to our casa we read scriptures, journal, companion prayer and then lights out. So as you can see it´s a lot in one day. They cram in a lot here because it´s the only way we will get to learn spanish. Thats a typical day for me. So we live in our casa and have to walk back and forth to our class room, the comedor, and the other buildings. Now I have really bad shin splints because I´m not used to walking that much and in nice shoes all day. The spanish is coming... slowly but surely. I´m SO glad mi hermana knows spanish so she can help me with my questions. I have decided to take it day by day becuase they expect SO much out of us as far as learning and retaining info goes. I started with learning a prayer. Every night before we go back to our casas some one from our district says a prayer (btw everytime your asked to say a prayer here it has to be in spanish) and I volunteered to say it, I finally felt confident enough to say one. It went really well, I know the basic things so now I´m working on expanding my vocab for prayers. In our district we only have 4 hermanas so me and my companion and the two other hermanas I told you about. We have 8 elders in our distrct, they are all pretty cool and down to earth. Except at night when were supposed to be studying they just want to talk to us and goof around. So for our lessons we have a progressive investigator, Carmin and Fernan. We are now on our 4th lesson with them. Durring the first lesson we learned their needs and went from there on. The tricky part is they can only speak spanish. Btw our first lesson was the day after we got to the CCM. I´m SO thankful I went out with the sisters before I came out. What a blessing. Our most recent lesson was yesterday and we talked about the el plan del salvacion. We had a rough day yesterday becuase we got lost and couldnt find out where our service project was so we wern´t happy. That killed the spirit so as we were trying to practice our lesson we wern´t able to get any where. I told mi hermana that we needed to say a prayer to get the spirit back. So we did. We wern´t confident going into the lesson. While we were waiting for the elders to get out of the lesson with them, they came out and said wow we made carmin cry, Elder Waatkins was on a roll and they had the spirit with them. So after they left, mi hermana and I walked up to the door and as soon as we did the spirit hit me like a load of bricks. I was fighting back tears as we entered their casa. After we sat down I had the strongest impression to show them my picture book with the picture of our family in in and to bear my testimony on eternal families.. well I haven´t worked on the vocab for sharing my testimony yet. Didn´tknow how that would work, I waitied throught the lesson and as soon as hermana tchan said her last words I looked at my ring that says faith, I set my scriptures down, grabbed my picture book out of my bag, scooted to th eedge of the couch, looked carmin y fernin in the eyes, pointed to the picture of our family and with tears in my eyes and chocking back tears I said this is mi familia. I bore my testimony that I know families can be eternal. Then I showed them the picture of all of usinfront of the Ohio temple together and bore my testimony that los temples are the casa de Dio (house of God) are shared my feelings about temples and the happiness they bring. Bearingmy testimony right there and then I knew that I did not do that alone. I knew that I was speaking with the power that I recieved when set apart. The spirit was SO strong in that room, I wish you guys could´ve been there more than anything. After the lesson when mi hermana and I walked back to our class room we both cried and I said wow, I my not know how to speak spanish worth a darn but I know how to bring the spirit haha (I was the first one to bear my testimony). We were both on cloud 9 eating dinner last night. What a testimony growing experience. I wanted to share that with you because that was the best thing that happened so far. Today is Pday and I did laundry, wrote you guys letters, mi hermanas and I went on a walk and just finished showing eachother our picture books of our families. Dad- I had to use my card to buy some hangers and some laundry soap.. sorry I didnt want to use it but I havent converten my american money over to pesos yet and I used up my money from last week on a note book for spanish and I needed a slip. :/ Now that I have all my nececities I shouldnt have to use it again, Well, I only get an hour to write so I have to go. I love you guys SOOOO much and pray for you several times a day.... if you could do this for me: pray that my faith will be increased so that I will be more confident to speak the spanish that I know in our lessons... that would be great, struggling with that a little although last night was a great booster lol Hope I can figure out how to send pictures. Didn´t know I needed the charging cord to plug my camera in. Elder Goodman sent me some pics we took today so I´ll send those. Btw we can only have our cameras out on Pday. Hope you guys are doing well, it sounded like it from the emails! (: I love you so much. Just know that I´m in the Lords hands now and he will take care of me as he is now. My hips are doing fine, just a little sore from when hermana shrieve and I worke up at 5 to go on a small run last week, other than that they are doing fine. Have a great week and I will talk to you next tuesday! P.S. keep watch for some letters in the mail!(: Lots of love
Hermana Angell

Natasha Angell says:
So Beautiful
on January 13, 2015
Gary Angell says:
I felt the spirit of what you were conveying in your lesson just sitting at my computer! It was awesome.. Loved your email.
on January 13, 2015
James Woodland says:
Wow what a special experience. Got your card, thanks. I am excieted that you have an island girl as your companion. They are full of faith. Great picture.
on January 13, 2015

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