December 20, 2015

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I got a new Truck!

Hey sis how's it going?! This week was really great. I had finals and studying has really paid off. It was great going home early everyday but now I don't even have to worry about going because it's break! And this. Basically besides finals Christmas came early this year:)))) I may or may not have gotten a truck:) it was for sale right behind our house and it's a 1987 with ONLY 59,000 MILES! It in ridiculously good condition and its manual so I have to learn to drive stick now (so do you lol). It's my new baby and I'm going to keep it cleaner than Brakon haha. It may only top out at 85 but hey at least I won't get any tickets haha. My plans for it are pretty simple. I'm getting new rims because at the moment it looks like a commercial work truck, a radio because it so basic it doesn't have one yet, and possibly a stipe near the tail idk. I don't want to make it look ghetto lol. So yeah I can drive in 6 months (FINALLY). Here's a few pics. Hope your Christmas is amazing, stay safe, and eat a lot haha.

Happy every day, even if that person is you.


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