December 20, 2015

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New Truck for Truman

Dear Hermana Angell,
Merry Christmas week Hermana! How does it feel to be a missionary for the Savior during the Christmas season? Isn’t it just wonderful! I remember my two Christmas’s in Australia.
How is the work going? It sounds like your ability to share the Christmas video has been a positive experience in your missionary work. So what is the story with all the little gifts under your little tree in the picture you sent us? What I want to know is if you have any room anymore in your appartment given mom keeps sending you boxes of stuff...ha ha.
So Truman sent me a text Wednesday with a picture of a little white pickup truck around the corner from our house. The for sell sign said it was a 1987 Isuzu Pickup, new tires, stored inside, only 59,000 miles. 27 years old with only that low of miles? I wanted to learn more so we went and drove it. It has a 4 speed manual stick transmission. Window hand cranks to roll up the windows, no air conditioning. A very basic vehicle. It really fit Truman so I bought it for him for only $2250. It will be fun for you to drive when you get home. I will have fun spending time with TJ tinkering with it. It runs real good. I love that boy. Not sure if we will keep it when he leaves on his mission or not.
I have a baptism for the family planned for Dec 26th. I asked Truman’s friend Booklyn and her family to join us and they agreed. Mom and I are also going to the Temple on 12/29th. I love being in the temple with the family as you know. I am on vacation the full last week of the year but work this week up through Christmas eve. I am going to have Jeff and his wife over to play cards some night when I am on vacation.
You mentioned you wanted some sweats. Why don't you take your airline credit card and go buy you some sweats for christmas. Merry Christmas!
I am so excited to see you Friday on Skype. Your family is getting anxious! I am sure we all will never forget our Skype conversation with you. It will be fun. What time are you thinking and where will you Skype from? You have been a blessing sent from Heaven and seeing your facing and hearing your voice on Christmas will be yet another blessing.
I pray for you health and success Hermana. Take care and talk to you Friday.
Love you tons,


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