December 14, 2015


3rd Area


Hermana King

To Dad - Warm December in Inidiana

Buenas dias padre!
I'm happy you enjoyed the pics I sent home last week there were a bunch on my camera that I hadn't sent home yet. I'm happy you were able to attend the temple this past week and were able to have a great session. It's been so wonderful to hear about all of your temple experiences with mom since I've been away. Everytime they say a prayer in the prayer circle and mention the missionaries I get an overwhelming happy feeling of the spirit in the sessions I've attended. Going to the temple on my mission has truly been a blessing. Fantastic scriptures and I will read them over again in my personal study this week, I agree that the word "willing" makes a huge difference. I'm glad the family is doing well and that you all seem to be happy. That's great Natasha is reading her scriptures and I will ask her in a letter how that's going. That's interesting the weather was warm in IN because it was warm this past week here as well. I'm very excited to skype and talk to you so soon that's going to be so wonderful. It seems like we just talked on mothers day! I'm very excited to go out to breakfast with you and talk about my mission and hear your stories once I get home, I look forward to that as well. I thought about grandma Angell this week and I hope she's doing well.. I'm going to send them a card for xmas. You can definitly call me anytime.. once I get home! (: It will be so fun to hear about your day and how things are going. That's wonderful you and Jeff have become such great friends recently, I will pray for him so he can feel at peace. This past week I prayed daily for Truman so that he could be able to get some results and get the help he needs to relieve some pain. Mom told me his results today and I'm so happy he doesn't have hip dysplasia. I was very worried he did. Isn't the church so wonderful dad? This week in a lesson I shared my testimony about how when I had my surgeries you still paid your tithing even though they were expensive and our family received spiritual blessings. Thank you for being such a great example to me! I have been thinking about what I'm going to do when I get home and I'm still not sure but I will definitely give dental a try! My investigators are doing fantastic and this week we actually found 7 more! #hugeblessing I will tell you more in detail about my week in the family email.
Love you so much,
Hermana Angell


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