December 13, 2015

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Warm December in Indiana

Dear Herman Angell,
Good Day Mate! How's the best Hermana Angell in Colorado doing today? I was glad to see your pictures last week and hear you had a fresh change with a new companion. What is your new comp’s name and tell us a little about her in your email this week? Tell her we love her and pray for her along with you each day. As mom and I stood in the circle in the temple, with you name on the prayer role, the Brother saying the prayers asked that the missionaries would be guided to those that were open to accept their message. I pray for this weekly that you are having this experience.
I thought of you during my scripture study this week when I read the following on D&C 64:
33 Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.
34 Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind; and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days.
“Willing” being the key word that stood out to me. You are definitely one of the willing and obedient to serve and tell the gospel message. You may feel like only small things seem to be happening but each small thing leads to bigger things all in the Lord’s time. I am thankful for your sacrifice and willingness to serve.
The family is doing well. Natasha says she is reading the scriptures about 3 times per week which is a good start. You may asked her how it is going and what her favorite scripture is right now. Both kids spent most of Saturday at the Library yesterday studying for finals this week.
The weather is unseasonably warm this week. In the low 60 degrees for some reason. Very strange but good. Oregon is getting pounded with Rain and the waterfalls are just gushing down the gorge.
What can I do for you Hermana? I look forward to when we can go to breakfast and sit and talk about life and decisions that need to be made. I was driving home the other day and thought to myself that one day my mom won't be around to call when driving home. Makes me sad to think of that day. But when she is gone I will need someone else to call when I am driving home. I expect that you will be on my speed dial and I will be calling you to chat about life and how you are doing. I look forward to those conversations.
I have become even better friends with Jeff from work this past year. He texted me this week from traveling and said he had a bad day because his uncle Kenny died. I met Kenny when Shawn and I went with Jeff last year to scope out hunting places. I talk about you all the time at lunch when I am with Jeff.
I spent until 8:30 PM at the MRI doctor this week with TJ. Your doctor sent us there to see if we could see anything in and MRI that he could not see in a normal Xray. Apparently he does not have your hip dysplasia but where his pain is does not sound normal. Not sure where this is heading.
You can believe all the church donations I have made this year between your monthly mission fee and tithes and offerings. Well over $20,000 so for this year and the year is not over yet. The Lord has suring blessed me to be able to take care of our special family and pay for you mission. No easy now days since everything is so expensive. I am sure you recognize that even more since living on your own. I highly recommend that you consider using your dental training when you get home to see if that can get you on an immediate path of making above average wages. If you did, it would let you learn if you really want to do it long term or not and it will help you decide other avenues to choose if you decide to. I can't wait to watch what else you decide to do with your wonderful life since you have such great potential.
Let me know how all your investigators are doing. Keep up the great work Mariah. The spirit of love and happiness just beams from your continence in your pictures. Thanks for being you!
Your Dad.


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