November 22, 2015

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Hermana Mariah Angell, November 22, 2015

It feels so right to be able to write November 22! Yay it’s almost December!! Holy cow we got snow yesterday! We still have some fall leaves on the trees and it dumped about an inch and a half of snow yesterday! It snowed fat flakes all day. It is really pretty falling but then my car get dirty and the roads get icy and it’s just cold so now it can melt already haha! Have you had much snow? I bet you love your new coat…picture please.
Did you get my letter this week? Sorry I didn’t get it out sooner but it has been a very busy week. Truman had an awards banquet on Tuesday and Natasha had a game that same day. Dad was out of town from Sunday through Tuesday night. I’m so proud of Truman, he did so good this year in XC and he got an award. I’ll let him tell you what he got. He is a stud!
The guys went hunting on Thursday night and got back Saturday so it’s been a crazy week with the guys coming and going. When the guys were hunting Natasha and I decided if they get to go play then so do we! We went to HTC Friday night and had pizza and went ice skating. HTC built a temporary outdoor skating ring around the back where the carnival sets up. Just Becca and Natasha skated and had a good time. Annie and I ate gluten free pizza and watched them skate. I didn’t feel like falling on my hip and then being out of commission for a long time recovering haha.
So the latest news is that I’m going to apply to be a school bus driver!! Sounds crazy I know but when I looked at how much they make I thought why havent I done this sooner! They make 19 dollars an hour!! They don’t have any openings right now but I was told that they probably would either before the end of the school year of before school starts in the fall. I’m going to fill out the application and send it off with in the next couple of weeks. My hours would be 6-8:30 a.m. so I would be home during the day. Then from 2-4:30 p.m. Not bad and I’m home during the day. I’m already working 4.75 hours and this is 5 but they pay is more than double. I bring home around 400 every 2 weeks and if I drove a bus I could bring home almost 1,000 every two weeks. Crazy hu! Never thought I’d be a bus drive but why not!! I never thought I’d be a lunch lady and wear a gross hair net!! Haha
How are you doing? Are you happy and are you talking to more people? Did you like the quotes I sent you? What is your ring size? Are you still eating Thanksgiving dinner with the American family? Hopefully not hamburgers again! Lol Just know we will, of course, be thinking of you on Thursday, Thanksgiving, and hoping you will be well fed and loved! We will set you (Flat Mariah) in your usual seat at the table and get a picture!
Are you teaching anyone new? Did you have a better week this week with Hermana King? Did you get a flu shot yet? Sorry, lots of questions this week. How is Jered lately? Should I send him a note for Christmas or naaa? Would that be weird? Here is Jolie’s address again, I sent it in an email but maybe you had to sign off before you got it. BTW Jolie said “Hi Mariah!” Jolie Smith: PO Box 133 Lafayette OR 97127
Sounds like you taught a lot of people last week how did that go this week? How fun you are playing match maker for Juan haha!
Sis I’m thankful too for the people that you have met on your mission that have changed your life for the better! Would it be alright to send something to Elder Goodman or even an email since he has been such a stallion friend to you and great Elder! I’m thankful you have had a good friend to give you a blessing when you’ve needed it! YAY
So glad you had your prayer answered through the blessing you received and I too know that your Father hears you and knows your desires. He will take care of you sis in His time.
Have a wonderful week and have some pie on Thursday! (Turkey 🐓) (pie🍰) (really rooster and cake lol) I will be eating light on Thanksgiving since I have lost 20 lbs!! Don’t want to go back up the scale ever! I have about 30 more lbs to lose but I’m working hard at it and being very disciplined. Once I get back down to where I want to be I will be able to indulge a little bit but I’ve learned the hard way that it is consistent choices and that I can only eat a couple bites of what I want to have or it catches up to me. I will have a small piece of pie though!
I love you so much and I am so very excited to talk to you in only 5 WEEKS!!! YAY!!
Love you to the moon and back!!!
Momma Angell


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