October 25, 2015

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Birthday package

Hermana Angell, October 25, 2015
So how’d you like your birthday package from the family? Are you sick of banana chips yet? Hope you liked the sweaters, jewlery and scarf. Hermana’s can never have too many clothes or jewelry. Hehe Especially since you get to wear dresses every day! Hope they will help you stay warm in the Colorado winter. Did your Hermanas do anything special for you on your birthday? I bet you were glad to still be with Hermana Welch for your bday since she is like family now.
Zach gave his farewell talk today which he did a great job at and we went to his open house tonight. It was nice and several people from the ward came. Have to admit though that your menu of food and decorations rocked in comparison! But who’s comparing! Haha They had no decorations and just cake and chips with queso – strange. Really I wasn’t there for the food though since I’ve lost 12 lbs I wasn’t about to eat nasty store bought cake. You know what I mean right! We are cake haters. lol
I was watching a video a couple days ago and the lady giving the presentation was Hispanic. She said that she has BROWN BRAG and I thought that was really cute! You can say that now since you know Spanish and since you teach Hispanics (brown brag)! You might have to get a pretty dark tan though to be legit! Haha
So transfers today? Can’t wait to hear if you are still with Hermana Welch. I’m guessing not since you have been together for a while now. Just know you have been in my prayers for safety and for peace as you have been preparing for this transfer. Be patient with yourself as you approach your new area and new ward again. Change is good on a mission for several reasons…1. It keeps the mind focused on the mission work by not letting one get too comfortable with the ward and with members. 2. Opportunity to meet new and fun Hermanas (more friends) and then find work is fun with great new sisters. 3. With new areas brings new potential for baptisms. 4. The need to rely on the Lord for new direction thus brings humility. I have no doubt you’ll rock your new area and that the Lord will continue to guide you and protect you as He has done thus far.
I’m happy you had the opportunity to serve another Hermana by helping her get out of her apartment and still be a missionary. I’m sure the other sister brought her down by not wanting to be out serving a mission so I’m proud of you being able to help her realize her potential as a missionary.
I found several talks I’m going to send you about reaching your best self. Here is a bit from one of them.
“A life lived in fear is a life half-lived.” The fastest way to dry up the roots of your potential is to allow fear to dominate your thinking. What you must remember is that fear comes from believing something that is not true. Anytime you have a fear, you must increase your knowledge of truth and determine what you are allowing yourself to believe that is NOT true. Every major success, every major hero, has had to overcome fear. And ANYONE can overcome fear with TRUTH.
So take a big dose of truth, put on your Spanish red dress or your sparkly man-vest and get out on the dance floor and do the Paso Doble!
Haha I loved that last part as it so fits your mission! I’ll have to keep a look out for a red Spanish dancing dress for you! Lol
Well sis I better get to bed since I have work tomorrow morning after being off for two weeks. I have really enjoyed being off. I took two senior photo shoots this past week and it is some of my best work yet! I’ve been teaching myself light room and I am enjoying learning it so much!
Have a wonderful new week ahead and remember that your best self is already inside of you, you just need to be the one to develop her and not be afraid to bring her out to shine!
p.s. I teared up today during sacrament when we sang called to serve at Zach’s farewell because I was thinking of you and also because it brought back sweet memories of being in the Provo, UT MTC and all of the missionaries singing that song in the languages they would be speaking in. Very powerful!
I love you to the Denver luna and back!


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