November 15, 2015

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Hermana Angell, November 15, 2015
Sorry to hear your companion was sick sis it makes it hard when just one of you is sick. Did the two investigators except the baptismal invitation? Holy cow 5 lessons on last Tuesday! I loved busy days as a missionary too. You’d better learn how to make those real Mexican tacos so you can make them for us when you return haha!
I was laughing out loud when you said you did service at the food bank and they may or may not have had country music blasting the whole time lol! So how long has Hermana King been in your area and how much time does she have left? Glad you were able to get blessings this past week and that you are able to draw strength from dad’s past letter. He has a spiritual gift of knowing what his family will need even before they need it. I’m so thankful for your dad and I’m so thankful he is a good husband and father to you and your siblings. When I read the part about you feeling sick after eating that hamburger I could relate. When I came home from Brazil and the family all wanted to Pizza Hut for dinner. I was so excited to have American food and real pizza. It wasn’t good at all and it made me feel sick. I wasn’t use to eating that way. It took me a while to adjust to the food again but not too long.
Mariah, you have a beautiful personality and you need to trust exactly what Heavenly Father said to you about your personality in the blessing you received. You are a special you. You don’t need to adjust your personality to fit to anyone’s liking or not liking. You are His daughter and as long as you are being an obedient missionary and teaching, praying and loving your fellow man then what else can any reasonable person or companion really ask or expect of you. Really don’t be so hard on yourself or your personality. It sounds like it’s not you that needs to change. Just remember you have had other companions that you loved and they loved you so there is absolutely nothing wrong or different about your personality. I wish you could see you how I see you! And for how your Heavenly Father sees you. I have a feeling you are seeing and believing it more since you’ve been out but you need to believe in it whole heartedly! I wish I could tell you all of that in person because it’s hard in a letter.
Aww sis I love the pictures of you with your birthday presents! I especially love the one with you wide open mouth holding your birthday button! Did you wear it and did people wish you a happy birthday? Did you wait until your birthday to open the box of gifts? Haha. Glad you like the scarf too, I knew that looked like my girl!
Loved getting another letter in the mail this past week my girl! Your letters come in the mail box and it’s as if time stands still for me and I get to hug you again when I read your words on the page. If the kids try to talk to me I wander away while reading. Haha. They know it is like sacred time when I get a letter from you and it’s the same on Mondays when you email. lol I just love you SO much sis!
Sis, good job serving Hermana King by making some aroz con leche. I will google the recipe and make some for the family. I had some in Brazil and I loved it too. What are the similarities you have with Hermana King?
Okay died laughing about the weed smokin, tree huggin, hippie lovers in your apt! Haha I will have to look for a candle that is apple, cinnamon, weed fragrance. Lol! So the picture you drew of a leaf was that a ‘weed’ leaf or a fall leaf? Haha! Glad you enjoyed the handmade cards b/c I had so much fun making them for you! I know how much you enjoy giving cards. Hope you enjoyed getting you pillow in the mail. Did the candle make it in one piece? Natasha and I thought you would enjoy that fragrance too!
Hanna gave her home coming talk today and it was crazy seeing her when I walked in the chapel. She looks good and it was so fun to hear her testimony in Spanish and hear her talk about conversion. (her subject). She is thinking about going to school out at U of U maybe around January. She seemed a little overwhelmed by people asking her what are you going to do now and she really didn’t know. Poor girl just landed and people are shipping her off to college and marriage or whatever already! Haha just expect the same thing for you too.
Well sis I better get going I am falling asleep sitting here and I need some rest. I can’t wait to hear from you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you to the luna and back!
Missionary momma!


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