November 22, 2015

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Dear Hermana,
I trust all is well with you. I am impressed with your work ethic to find new investigators. Your mission sounds a lot like mine in that I had to be creative and find ways to interact with people to find a teaching pull. I am grateful you have the desire to work hard.
A lot of activity this week. I went to PLMA, which is the private label manufactures food show I go to most year and have been for the past 25 yrs. It was in Chicago. I stayed in the hotel by the Embassy where we stayed as a family that one time and took the train down to the city. The show went good. I attached a picture of the show booth for Red Gold. Notice the blue flag looking banner. That was the banner I created to promote the new better for you healthier Ketchup. It was a huge success at the show.
I had a 30-45 conversation with Brian, the owner of Red Gold, regarding the religion one night at the PLMA. I showed him your picture serving your mission. He was impressed and wanted to know why you were so pretty. He could not believe we can not talk to you on the phone. I am sure religion will come up again and I look forward to further conversations. He is a very curious man regarding our religion. I gave me Dr Scheid’s number. He messed up his knee and might need a replacement. A salesman at my work had Scheid replace his knee and had great things to say about him.
I am so impressed with your faith to be healed and that your hip has not given you troubles in a while. I can't help but think the timing of your mission was good which is allowing your hip and muscles to do some healing.
I will let TJ tell you all about our hunting in our stand opening day. Basically, he got a little buck about 7:35 am in the morning the first day. It came walking across the field from we think the corning right up to the stand. The Sun shown on the little horns and TJ took it down. We were home and showered by 10am and the deer hanging in the garage.
Jeff Sutton, TJ and myself took off to Sullivan Thursday night to stay in the Day’s Inn for hunting Friday and Saturday. The same place went last year where you got your big dear. Besides just the fun and memories we had, you did not miss anything from a deer hunting…..TJ and I did not see one deer if you can believe that. We sat next to the “mariah tree” and nothing came walking by. TJ will send you a picture. I luckly walked to the exact tree again in the dark Friday morning. Saturday it rained and snowed on us so we got real wet so we went home at 12pm. Truman wore your black frog rain paints and your little camo gloves. I bought me some new camo insulated rain pants this year and they worked great. I will attached a few pictures for you.
I just sat there often thinking about the great hunting experience you and I had last year sitting by the tree. I replayed the events over and over in my mind. Each time cherishing the wonderful memory of being with you for your first deer. You did shot that deer right where you aimed. I will never forget it. I was thinking if I did it again I may have took the deer out the opposite way, the way we came in from the field. I think it would have been shorter.
I taught the YM today about learning and following correct doctrine. The lesson went well. I also gave a spiritual thought today on DC 64: 33-34. It speaks of the Lord requiring our hearts and a “willing mind”. I have been pondering what Willing Minds means. I beleive we need both a soft heart and a willing mind to find true conversion.
Please let me know how all is going. Enjoy this Thanksgiving week. My prayer is someone will take care.
I Love you Mariah,
Have a great Thanksgiving!
Your Dad.


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