November 16, 2015

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Weekly Letter

Hello family! So the beginning of this past week flew by which is always great. This previous Monday I was able to find a nice warm winter coat just in time for the snow that hit on tuesday! Monday evening we taught one of our new inv who's name is Maria Sanchez and the lesson went well. On tuesday we went to another inv.'s house who's name is Juan and we watched the restoracion video with our member present Mauricio. The spirit was strong and we think Juan is finally grasping the 1st lesson. We ate lunch at Cafe Rio because it was $5 tuesday so we got a massive mexican salad which was delish! Then we helped a member move into her apartment. We Taught another lesson to an inv. who's name is Gloria and she's super sweet, I love her. Next we met a less active at cold stone and discussed some scriptures with him and his daughter. Lastly we ate at Chick-fil-a with a recent convert who's name is Gabby and she's 21. I love her so much! She has a little boy and recently got a divorce so I'm trying to set her up with Juan Garcia who I taught in my last area in D3 I introduced them at church yesterday and it went great. #matchmakermissionary On wednesday we did service at the food bank for the rockies with our district and it was fun quizing Elder Goodman's greeney on spanish words while we worked. Sadly that evening we had to "softly" drop an investigator who's name is Sam. He's 12 years old and wasn't really progressing or keeping our commitments. That evening we went on our usual exchange with the STL's and I left my area and went to english for the day. Thursday we taught a few lessons to some people in the City Park area which is basically my last area (downtown city denver). We exchanged back that night at 8:30. On friday we did weekly planning and then did finding literally all day long and had no success. That evening we taught one lesson to a less active and we talked about the importance of testimonies. It was a great lesson and we all felt the spirit! On saturday we taught one lesson to a less active who's name is Mauricio and we discussed the story of Ammon in the book of Alma chapter 24. The rest of the day we did finding and went through all of our back-up's but had no success again. That night didn't end on the best note and I ended up working out to relieve some stress from the long day we had. That night our DL called and I was able to get some suggestions on what to do with the area and how to get some more solid referals from members. Sunday morning we went to church and I enjoyed it very much! Our ward had la programa de la primaria! The little kids in the primary were darling and I have a few little frieinds who were SO cute and ran up to me and hugged me after the program. I was able to feel the spirit so strong while the kids were singing their songs. I love the primary songs in spanish they are darling! The theme for the programa was yo se que vive mi senor (I know that my savior lives). After church when we got home my comp had a break down and then called the STL's to go on an ET exchange for the evening. I know that she's struggling with not being in a leadership position and doing the regular missionary life but there's obv. more going on. I don't know the full story because she's not very open with me. Last night I was really sad so I asked Elder Goodman for a blessing. I was able to receive the relief that I needed. In my blessing he said that "I will be able to reach my full potential and the missionary I want to become as long as I continue to be obedient and follow the guidelines." It's just so amazing to me and I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father listened to my prayer because he's the only one that knew the desires of my heart. I'm so thankful for the power of prayer and I know that the Priesthood is on the earth to bless and change lives. On my mission I feel as if I've been able to strengthen my testimony on the basics of the gospel principals and it's been a wonderful journey these past 10 months. I know that Heavenly Father won't give us anything we can't handle and that he's always there with his arm extended waiting for us to call on him for help. I love my Heavenly Father and I know that he listens to prayers. I don't know how this next week is going to go but I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father who will never leave my side. I know that I can always call on a worthy Priesthood holder to help me feel peace in the midst of the hard times. I love my mission and the people I've met who have changed my life for the better! Thank you all for being such a great support for me, love you!
Hermana Angell


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