November 8, 2015

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Good Week - Prayers Answered

Dear Hermana,
I want to let you know how much I love you Mariah. I have a deep appreciation for you as my daughter and the respect your choice to sacrifice your life to serve the Lord. Continue to lose yourself in the service of others. You know you have reached this point when you think more of your investigators then you do of your own needs.
A few missionary happenings here in Noblesville: Zach made it to the MTC, Kirsten’s papers should be in by now, Hannah comes home this week and reports on Sunday. I just send Zach an email wishing him luck and sharing my confidence in his successes.
I had a great week. Last week was fast Sunday as I mentioned in my last letter that I fasted for you and a work issue. I had an amazing, obvious answer to my prayers of fasting on Monday this week. It is hard to explain my fasting specifically because I was fasting for help to make progress fixing some very complex issues at work. I did not know exactly how to fix it. Well, by about 5:30 after some impromptu meetings occurred I sat at my desk in awe as I realized the Lord had answered my prayers. 100% amazing the grace the Lord offers us. I Love the Lord and Heavenly Father and am so thankful for his love for his children. I feel my faith has grown over the years into knowledge that they are real heavenly parents and our savior and we as members of his church are so blessed for our understanding of his plan. What is even more amazing, a Sister in our ward last Sunday bore her testimony of how her prayers of fasting were answered and I was at awe of her experience and wished I had a similar recent experience. Well, I did the next day. HF truly knows our thoughts, intentions, and desires.
A scripture that stood out to me today was:
Ephes 6
16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
The words “Quench ALL” is the learning point. The Lord allows us the strength to not reflect some, or knock down a few fiery darts of satan, but ALL of them. The scriptures have amazing meaning.
I had a missionary experience this week at work. I was sharing with her what you are doing and she said she has not found a church that provides everything the are looking for. She lives in Lapel. I invited her to stop a missionary when she sees one next and ask some questions of them. I showed her your picture of you and she said “she is beautiful” and then I said yes, and she hunts. Ha Haa. Not many people as well rounded like you!
I loved you pictures. Looks like you had a fun little birthday. That is two birthdays we missed of your. Big 21 next year! Tell me how your relationship is coming along with your comp. Is she getting to know you better?
Our chest freezer downstairs went out on us so I purchased us an upright freezer. I attached a picture of it.
Take care and share the wonderful message of the gospel through your beautiful spirit.
Love ya tons,


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