October 11, 2015

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I was in Denver

Hermana Angell- October 11, 2015
This week has been busy trying to get ready to prepare for my flight this past Friday night to Salt Lake and then on to Idaho. So Friday I flew out at 5:30 and then had an hour and a half at the Denver air port. As we flew in to the Denver air port it was 8:00 and I was thinking that you might be heading home from an appointment. I looked out the plane window and wished I could see you because I saw all the pretty city lights. I wondered how far away you were from the airport. It sure would have been so fun to hug your pretty face and laugh for a bit but then I wouldn’t have been able to leave you again. Once was hard for me so I think it would have been too hard for both of us. Besides that I don’t want to be a distraction to you and your work. We will hug it out in 9 more months!! I landed in Salt Lake at midnight and my dad picked me up. Was fun to see him again. My Dad and I stayed at Angell’s Friday night and I finally went to sleep after talking to Grandma Angell about 1:30. I got 5 hours of sleep and got up and got ready to drive to Pocatello. We stopped at my dad’s house for about an hour and then my brother Jim met up with us and then we drove to Rexburg where you went to the temple and BYUIdaho. My sisters were all there for lunch and after that we all went to the Rexburg temple and did an inititory, endowment and sealing for one person apiece. All the names we took through were from my moms geneology line that Dewey found from family search. What a wonderful experience to be in the temple with all my sisters and my dad and brother! I know my mom was cheering as we sat there in the temple for 4 hours doing the work for her family members. I know that she has been on the other side preparing them and getting them ready to receive the work we did. I loved to be able to hug all my family in the celestial room! It was one big circle and it looked like we were a football team in a big huddle since there were so many of us! After the temple we ate all together and then drove to the Island Park resort. We finally got to bead at 1:30 on Saturday. Ugh so tired. We had to have a short nap today after church we were all so tired. It is beautiful here and it is so wonderful to see all my sisters again and laugh our heads off! We are all so stinking goofy and we just feed off of each others humor. I am going to have to take lots of pictures this week and send you some. I love to see the mountains again and the wide open spaces. God sure knew what he was doing when he created this world!
I love that you sang I am a child of God for Gonzolo! You’ll have to teach it to me when you get back and I’ll teach it to you in Porteuguese. So um filiho de Deus por ele esto aqui, mondo me a terrha de me um lar e pais ton bom para me. Spelling is prob not right.
I’m glad you have felt the impression that you may be in your area to do specific things and that Heavenly Father put you there for a reason. So fun that you realized that you missed speaking in Spanish and teaching. I put your name on the temple roll yesterday. I know that you can always use the prayers. I pray morning and night for your safety, success and for your ability to get the conjugating down better. I’m glad you started teaching more and that you’re finding joy again. So glad you learned so much in conference. It was so fun thinking about which talks you were loving and wondering if you were eating your vegetables that you brought in a baggie. Hehe Oh btw I died laughing about the photo of Natasha wearing your plaid shirt. I gave her permission on your behalf to wear that shirt because she had a country football theme and didn’t have any plaid to wear. I washed it the next day and locked it back in your closet. It’s still safe and sound in your locked closet so no worries. So funny you saw that picture on my FB page I was totally busted lol. No more posting photos haha.
Can’t wait to hear how your past week went! Hope you’re doing great and hope you received my package. I’m not sure I’ll be able to text back and forth or not tomorrow since I’ll be with the sisters and not sure I’ll have wifi but I’ll try. Just let me know when you’re on and I’ll try to connect with you. I hope I get to but not sure since the place we are staying doesn’t have wifi. We might be in West Yellowstone shopping so who knows. Would love to chat though if we can! Love you so much my girl!
I’m so glad we got to receive more inspiration from the apostles and president Monson. Can’t wait to re-read their talks.
Keep up the great work, you are more important to these souls that are waiting to hear the truth than you know.
Love you to the Luna and back! Mom


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