October 12, 2015


2nd Area


Hermana Welch

Mariah Moment to Dad

That's a great idea about having my inv. write down their questions. The hard thing is that hispanics can't spell either so it'll be fun trying to read their spanish! lol I loved your suggestion about the questions with the BOM as a street approach. The next day we took our PMG and high lighted some "questions to the soul" that we found. We are planning on doing some street contacting this week so I'll let you know how it works. This week I pretty much hit rock bottom with the language and couldn't focus at all. The area as difficult as it is just took a toll on me and I've had several questions on what to do to help me get over this brick wall I've hit. I decided to get some additional guidance and went straight to the president and his wife this week. Pretty much just need to "hang in there" for the last two weeks of the transfer until we are transferred out. Thank you for praying for me this past week I could definitely feel your guys's love! Just in time too. Sounds like mom had an interesting experience at the air port... leaving that morning was so difficult I never want to feel that way again. Hardest day of my mission so far was leaving and getting on the plane. I'm glad mom is able to go spend time with her sisters. I had a thought yesterday that after I get back from my mission I want to do a little re-treat every year with Natasha and Truman just like mom and her sisters do... I want to keep my relationship going with them. It sounds like you guys have just been so busy with life so I can imagine it's been hard to get to the camper this year. Have you talked to the rickmans lately? Do they read my emails? Just curious... Oh and I've stopped responding to kaleb's emails even though he keeps on sending them to me. That's great you guys have been able to do so much temple work since I've been away. What a blessing! I can't believe hannah goes home in a month.. wow I remember hearing her going away talk in church and it seems like yesterday. I wish I was there to hear her talk. I bet her spanish is boss. Thank you for the scripture I really enjoyed it. Yes I love anything that has to do with light. Recently this past week I've studied humility and the previous week I studied repentance. I've really enjoyed reading my leales de fe book in spanish which is true to the faith in english. We were supposed to go on exchanges this past week but they called and cancelled at the last moment.. not impressed with our leadership in this area right now. We didn't even get a phone call for our numbers this past sunday. Our leadership is very rocky all the way up to the ZL's and being swept into the area it's made it even harder without little to no support. So this week we went to president about it and now he's aware of our struggles in the area and regarding the leaders. It makes it very difficult because we want to respect them but when they straight up aren't doing their job we are going to call them out on it. What's the most frustrating is that we just came from the best district leader that I've ever had and a zone with unity... to a very cold feeling in this area. Hermana and I have had countless talks about it and we now know how we will serve in future situations. With LOVE! Interesting transfer with many "life" situations learned. Just being honest the progress in the area is barely going... it's not our fault though it's just the area we are in. President is very aware of it and he gave us some counsel on how to tough out the next 2 weeks. After this transfer sisters will not be put into the area because it's clearly too dangerous and there's hardly any hispanics here. I think this is probably the toughest area I will be in during my mission... area wise and leadership wise. Hermana and I are trying to keep pushing forward though with our individual but similar struggles right now. We are just glad to have each other because we wouldn't be able to with out one another.
I hope you are doing well dad and the family is happy. (:
Hermana Angell


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