October 12, 2015


2nd Area


Hermana Welch

To Dad

Thank you for the complement.. it's interesting that you say that because this week we've taught the 10 commandments about 2 times and that one has always been one of my favorites! It wasn't much but I only hoped it would convey my appreciation and love for her. Mom is my best friend (: Oh I'm so gald you guys haven't forgotten me during conference! lol That's totally ironic because I do the exact same thing during conference. Especially when one of the last speakers who was Chinese came on yesterday and started talking I could just picture you saying something funny in a Chinese voice! haha I just sat there smiling to myself I'm glad you and t.j. enjoyed the priesthood session- I was thinking about you two and how you were going to attend that. Wow, thanks for sharing the xc race experience with me. As I'm sitting here I just can't help but be so happy for Truman he's such an inspiration to me. I LOVE the quote you have for him- it's going on my wall in front of my desk today! Interesting story about the Rickmans.. that's too bad because I know how they liked running. Just different family dynamics and goals I guess.. But your right how by supporting each other in our family it's definitely made it easier to accomplish and set higher goals for ourselves. That's great your boss invited you to go, crummy it was on a sundae but definitely excited for you guys to watch it together as a family- it was great.
I did receive your letter this week on Saturday when I needed it. Thank you so much for your words and advice. I appreciate your support and will write you a letter back today.
I love you and pray for you and our family daily,
Hermana Angell


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