October 4, 2015

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Hope all is Well

Dear Hermana Angell,
I just read the beautiful letter you wrote to your Mom for her birthday. What a wonderful obedient spirit you have been regarding honoring your mother and father over the years. We have not been perfect in our relationships but we have ended up here today in a good place with lover for each other, memories to cherish, and a future to develop more. You life has been blessed for your obedience to your parents. I am confident of that. Your Mom does love you so much and you are so much apart of who she has become. You as her first child has helped make her who she is today.
Sunday morning and I am getting ready for the Sabbath and conference. As we watch conference it is very common for one of us here to say "oh, Mariah would like that one", "Mariah might be crying on that one", "oh that makes me think of Mariah". What has been your conference schedule? Did you sneak some vegetables into conference? The priesthood session was truly great and a lot discussed on the topic of Faith. TJ and I went to our church and had pizza and ice cream sandwiches with the priesthood brethren. I am sure you have a whole list of new quotes for your book. TJ was taking quote notes also during priesthood.
An amazing race yesterday for TJ. He has been preparing so hard and dropping time off his run every week. Very inspiring to watch him methodically do this. We were all very vocal to him regarding our confidence that he would get under 18 min yesterday. Well he did! He made varsity time of under 17:50. I was so proud of him as I was yelling for him to keep running hard. After he finished across the finish line and my watch said under 18 min I got this overwhelming feeling of accomplishment for him that a little tear showed up in my eye. Mom had the same experience but not little babe, although she was very happy for him. We shared our feelings with him later on in the day and decided that "is just what we do for each other, support each other". I felt like I ran the race. A good example of what a person can do when they aim high and set relentless goals and don't get distracted by other things. A good law to live by as long you as you keep balance and your goals are righteous. Each time one of my special kids accomplish something great it makes me so proud of you kids. Conversely, did we tell you the Tyler and Sierra quite cross country? Some story about Tyler showing up late for a bus trip, although they said they were not late, and the bus left them. They all got mad at the coach and quit. My assumption is Scott blew a gasket and said that's it. Sierra just stopped going without telling the team she quit. What a great example of how to handle life! Not! Different parenting styles and lenses we all look through regarding how to handle life. I dare say You would be a very different person if you decided to quit trying to figure out you hip issues and we as parents said "oh well, it's not worth the money, she can deal with it." Will never happen because the "Angell 5" sticks together.
I had a dilemma. Brian asked me if I wanted to go to the Colts game Sunday. I called mom and debated and then decided to go. He does not ask many people and Sunday due to conference was the only time I could go this season so I went. Just go home. Colt's won in overtime against Jacksonville by 3 points. We recorded the 2nd session so we are now going to watch it as a family.
I pray for you safety and success daily. Did you get my letter last week? I hope you enjoyed reading it. Take care and lets us know how the work is going.
Love ya,


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