September 27, 2015

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Real Intent

Dear Hermana Angell,
Your letter last week was fascinating because of the very interesting adventures you had getting settled down. I am glad you now have a knife and mace. Not sure what you will do with them but at least you are ARMED as you said and feel safer. Did you get your GPS updated? I purchased that one because it had life time updates on maps so I hope you are getting the updates.
How is your cancer investigator and the guy with no legs, arms or eyes? (Just kidding) Are they progressing? Did you get some investigators at church Sunday and were the Members welcoming? I hope you gave a better ward mission leader this time, which should make a difference.
I prepared a lesson this week for the Larson family and I learned some things from it. It was regarding "Living with Real Intent". Real the article in Oct 15 Ensign with this title. I think you will enjoy it. As Moroni's promise says "if you will ask.....with real intent" he will manifest the truth of it unto you. Even with wanting to learn if the church is true, if you don’t have real intent, you wont get a real answer. Moroni 6:8 says "as oft as they repented and sought forgiveness, with real intent, they were forgiven." The principle of real intent is important in all aspects of our life. You I feel are striving to live a life of strict obedience "with real intent" so you are getting the intended blessings promised from our obedience. It appears to be our counseling with the Lord should be with REAL INTENT, with deliberate intention and expectation that he will answer your prayers in some way he sees best for you, not casual. You will many times in your life want direction in your life, it will come after you return and ask the Lord with real intent what to do and where to go. With this frame of mind, you will get your answer. Council your investigators to take the questions you ask them to pray about serious and with real intent to get and they will get their answers.
The Larson girls are struggling still with their health issues. Kirsten doesn’t know I know this but she wants to push the submit button on her papers but the un answered questions about her health is holding them back. She really wants to serve. The Bishop and Stk president are working with SLC to find a solution. Kind of a Bracken thing. Kirsten said you look beautiful in your most recent pictures.
Are you getting to walk any more now you are in the City? Do you approach Hispanics on the street? Are you able to teach the English speaking people now or just Spanish speakers? Explain a little so mom and I understand a little more.
Mom and I went to the temple Friday night and did some initiatory and then went to the Runchel's sealing. What a wonderful night. Sister Runchel reads every letter of yours we publish and thinks the world of you. She was touched by the support. Mom and I did some initiatory with names I found on her side of the family. Guess what? Four of the names were from the 1800s and were born in INDIANA. How cool for us to now do their work in the Indy temple.
You would have been proud of your brother this past week. He gets better every time he runs. My theme for him in his life has become and will be "Aim High". I feel he can do about anything he wants if just aim his sights and keep reaching for greatness. I really enjoy watching him be so focused on a goal and then make progress towards it. He usually comes in 5th place on his team but Tuesday he cam in 3rd and Saturday at the big meet he cam in 2nd vs his peirs. He keep moving up the pack!
Take care beautiful Mariah. I will wait to read your letter.
Love ya,


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