September 27, 2015

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Hermana Angell, September 27, 2015
Wow another great letter last week sis! I was so excited to hear all about your first week in the city. You and Hermana Welch sound like a great team and great friends! It’s wonderful you were able to stay together even longer! Sorry to hear you got sick again but I’m glad you are feeling better now. Did you get your GPS updated now so you don’t end up in those scary areas anymore? Glad you have the mace and a knife. Praying morning and night for your safety!! In fact that is what I’m fasting for today. Our mission president told us to walk home a different direction every night so people didn’t expect us to be walking home the same direction each night. Good way to stay safe. I suppose you have a car though so that’s nice. Now you should always check the back seat before you get in your car. I laughed when I read you raided the elders apt and took their old DVD player! Are you still using the Jillian workout videos? Cool you are teaching the 60 year old with cancer and she wants to get baptized! How did your lesson Tuesday go with her? Also, did you have another appointment with the apostolic guy? Did your investigators come to church this Sunday? I remember it was always hard to go to a new area because it took time to gain the love and trust of the ward and to feel at home again. Give yourselves some time and they will be just like family like your last area. Before you will be taking lots of ‘goodbye pics’ with many of them too!
Wow, downtown sounds nice! Yes you’ll have to go out for an awesome b-day dinner! I will slip some money in your envelope so you can go do that! I will also get a package in the mail this week. Sis told me to send your brown boots so I will mail them along with your black coat. Erin Freestone asked for your address so she can send you a package so I gave it to her today. Thanks for sending Natasha a letter. I think it meant a lot to her. She showed me the picture of the savior that you sent her. She also showed me the rock. She wouldn’t let me read the letter though because she said that it was like you and her having a conversation and that I didn’t need to hear/read your conversations. Lol that’s fine I just had to chuckle and be thankful that you have that kind of special relationship with her. Thank you so much for writing her and staying close to her. I hope you two will grow even closer once you return and for whatever time you are here that you two can build an even better relationship. I know she looks up to you!
Oh, before I forget…here is Julie Yates address,
416 N. 3846 E
Rigby, Idaho 83442
This week was great. Dad and I watched Truman run on Tuesday and he set another PR. So proud of him! Then we watched him run again on Saturday at the New Haven meet which is the overnighter meet that he qualified to go to this year. He set another PR! So fun to watch him achieve his goals. I know he still had his sights set higher and he will break 18 min for a 5k on next Saturday I bet. He wanted to on Saturday but he got 18.7 which was still a new PR and almost to 18! Only two more races this year then he will begin running during the winter.
Natasha only has two games left and then will cheer for basketball season. She doesn’t think she will try out next year since she doesn’t think she is good enough. She said she has to have better tumbling skills so we’ll see.
Dad and I went to the temple with the Runckels on Friday night and it was marvelous! Before the sealing Dad and I did some sealing’s and in the sealing area of the temple there is a beautiful painting of Mary and Martha, the sisters that were taught at the feet of Jesus, story from the Bible. The spirit really spoke to me as I was standing there alone looking at the painting and having gone to the temple with a prayer in my heart for some answers to some questions I have had. I know that I got my answer as I stood in the hallway looking at that painting and it was as if time stood still for me for which was probably only a couple minutes. I know the Lord answers prayers and that He is there for us to help with even the most simple tasks and things we struggle with. So thankful we have a temple so close now to be able to go and hear the words of the Lord and to be able to serve others. I will send you the story of Mary and Martha that I printed out and I love the insight the author of this article gives about the two sisters. After you read it let me know your thoughts. The Runckel’s sealing was beautiful and we were glad we went to support them. It was so special to see them, at this age, make the choice to be together for eternity. She is such a little sweet heart! I really like her. I took a picture of the beautiful sunset that was over the temple with my cell phone right before we went in and I will send it to you. It was as if God was smiling on His house and upon their sealing because it was so very beautiful!
The Lunar eclipse/super moon is happening tonight but it’s cloudy so I’m not sure we will get to see it. Hopefully you will but it might be too late for you. It will come out at 10:45 our time. It only happens every 30 years.
Well, I got your dark grey dress fixed with some black lace at the bottom and I really like it, it looks like it was already part of the dress and it dresses it up a little. Also, the tan skirt is done, I put some cream lace in the slit part and didn’t sew it all the way down so it would flex when you sit. I was afraid to sew it all the way down and then have it tear out. I will sew the peach dress together this week.
I will be going to Sam’s club tomorrow to buy pies and fruit for enrichment meeting on Tuesday, my birthday, since I am in charge of the refreshments and the activity that night (my new calling).
So excited it is almost your 9 month mark! Holy smokes!! So proud of my girl!
Love you to the Luna and back! Mom


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