September 30, 2015

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Pushing Self

Hey sis! So it sounds like your area now is a little different than before? Well I’ll try to answer the questions you asked the best I can. First off, in XC what has made me a lot faster I think was mostly that I trained all summer and put in more miles than last summer (500 miles). Also I am starting to figure out how to push myself and have started running by “feeling.” I mean feeling like whenever I push myself to a certain extent I recognize that feeling I get and try to push it hard next time until I get that same exact feeling, then I go beyond that feeling and see what I can take (I hope that made sense:/). Basically I have realized how much of a mental sport running is. Now my scripture reading is going great! I am doing my best to keep up and not fall behind. So I read the Old Testament everyday usually 10-15 minutes, then 3 times a week the book of Mormon for 20-25min (usually as a family).
Now on to your questions. These past few months have really been the best ever for me (yet). My testimony has grown, have been thinking of god and how grateful I am for many things, I am more focused mentally, good grades, I have changed some bad habits, made plenty of friends, I am in amazing shape, much faster in running, and even become more confident in myself and what I can do and achieve. So basically everything sounds PERFECT right? But I have made myself know that there are still going to be challenges, and I do my best to be prepared for those times so I don’t stress over them, so I can stay mentally focused, and do my best to stay on the good track I am on at the moment. What I do to stay mentally focused is by making a “double layer” plan in my head. I personally am a very mental thinker, I think most things through in my head, you may be the same way or you may be a person to write things down. Being mentally FOCUSED to me is FOCUSING on the MAIN plan or goal (set goals to achieve them, not just work towards them). In my “double layer” plan I start with the MAIN plan or goal-then mentally think “what steps ( do I need to take to get to my end result.” (It can be as simple as picking up the house). After that I think of my next MAIN plan or goal for the day and do the steps needed to achieve it. I personally always complete my list in order only and don’t move to the next thing until I finish, because I get mentally unfocused if I haven’t finished something completely. If this is confusing I’ll try to “show” you my mental plan below.
Double Layer Plan
MAIN plan or goal #1
- step 1 to achieve plan #1
- step 2 to achieve plan #1
- step 3 to achieve plan #1
(have as many steps as you need)
MAIN plan or goal #2 (only work towards this goal after #1 is done)
- Step 1 to achieve plan #2
- Step 2 to achieve plan #2
- and so on…

Sometimes I get so caught up in the order of things that when something doesn’t go exactly as planned then I get stressed and unconfident that I can get what I want done. After that my other MAIN plan or goals don’t get done. So it is important to stay on track. Sometimes I have to not be selfish and realize others (mom) have plans and a life also. If It is something you truly want bad enough (Or bad enough for someone els because you’re teaching others) you will take the steps needed to get there.

I have thought mentally like this the fast few months every day and now it is just a habit. I just plan everything out thoroughly and things have fallen into place. For the most part gone smoothly, and I have accomplished my overall MAIN goal and plan which is to stay mentally focused. What motivates me to keep pushing through the slow times or difficult times is the end result and knowing what is to come. This is the same with the gospel. They end result is what most of the time keeps me from staying obedient and making smart choices. Another thing I have been telling my self is just “don’t be stupid.” If what the end result is what truly matters, and I start discarding the end result for something I want now (immediately), then I just tell myself don’t be stupid or stop being stupid.

Lately, I have tried to embrace hard things and take them as a chance to get better. This relates that sometimes god will give us challenges to learn from them or to grow stronger. You said that you basically don’t get to teach near the end of the day because it is dark right? With all the down time you have now, maybe prepare for the day ahead a little early so you will have a jump start in the game. With less time to teach now, you need to do your best to get the same amount of teaching you normally would do, in less amount of time. This is why you focus on your goals and steps and move from one and on to the other so you get more done. I try to limit the distractions or I personally will start loosing things (running shoes, ipad) haha. You don’t have to do my exact plan or in the order I have. You may try something els that works for you to stay focused (writing it down?), but this is what has been working for me so far. Love you and I hope this helps! 



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