September 20, 2015

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Tear up Denver!

Hermana Angell- September 20, 2015
Had some great thoughts and feelings from the Holy Ghost today as I prepared myself to take the sacrament and repent today. I’m so thankful for the chance to take the sacrament each week and be able to start anew. I love that my Savior did that for me. I am going to start reading Jesus the Christ so I can feel closer to my Savior. I felt the spirit so strong during my time shooting photos at the temple and now I feel like something is missing. I have been listening to the Old Testament before work while getting ready and I love it. I am also going to put all of our paper scriptures in a basket by the dinner table so we can be more consistent at reading right after dinner. No more excuses. I appreciate your honesty in sharing what you wish we could have done more of when you were younger. So we are going to be better at reading. We do good with pray but we keep falling off the wagon with reading. I asked the kids on the way to church today this question…I said “you have both told dad and I you want to serve a mission right”? “So what is it you think you/we could do in order for you to be the best missionary you could be? Truman said keep going to seminary and Natasha said know the scriptures. I then told them I would do my part in helping the read the scriptures. Natasha was annoyed with the idea because she said she doesn’t understand them. I told her that’s why we need to read them daily so she could connect the fact that the Book of Mormon is a story. It is very interesting if you are able to connect the whole story. I will help her since she is going to be in Seminary next year. It’s so hard with their two schedules and homework but we can surly do at least 10 minutes a day. Shame on us if we can’t make that work!! I told dad we need less T.V. time. We are thinking about moving the big T.V. upstairs and not having one down stairs. (We’ll see) So…we just gathered up all the scriptures and put them by the table area. No excuses now! I am so glad we are able to help each other get back to our Father in Heaven because it would be so much harder alone. So eternally glad and humbled that I get to be with all of my wonderful family members if I do my part.
I was really missing my mom last week. I had a really tough Wednesday since it was the anniversary of my mom’s 4 years passing away. I was weepy all morning and even a little at work. I finally pulled myself together. I haven’t struggled with that for a long time but it just came out of the blue. I attribute it to sending a group text out to the family before work on Wednesday and then my dad posted a big post about my mom. Next year I will be ready for it and hopefully not quite as teary.
Truman ran so well yesterday! He was 71 out of about 700 or so boys. It’s really fun to watch him improve his time each week. He is quite a remarkable young man. Natasha is struggling sometimes between who to be friends with. She is okay friends with the cheerleaders but not super close and she is friends with Brooke but not really at school as much. I worry about her a little because she said she doesn’t think she should have to work so hard to be a part of the conversation at the lunch table and everyone has a buddy. My heart aches for her when she tells me that. I’m sure she will be okay though but it reminded me a little of you when you were trying to make friends in school and you were not wanting to participate with the group of church kids because they were not very good themselves. Ugh this age is tough. Maybe you could give her a little council about friends since I know she looks up to you. What does mom know, haha!
Well, now that you’ve had a week in the city I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences! So fun that you are still with Hermana Welch!!! I’m so glad they kept you two together! Who is in your previous place? Hopefully it is someone that will be able to connect with Anthony and get him on to baptism. I know that was probably real hard for you to leave because you have built so great friends there. The work must go on though, right! So glad you get a nice apartment, send pics of it. Oh and warm showers too! Lol Anthony will always be your little buddy! So sweet that he made you and Hermana some bracelets. Pepe, wow nice jewelry, so thoughtful. Sis, so very thankful you were protected in the accident! You know you were and so do we since we pray for that daily! So thankful you are obedient and that the liar guy got a ticket! How sweet of Juan Garcia to take you out for dinner for early B-day!! BTW we really need your address please. Have a few things to send you and I don’t want to send them to the mission office address. So crazy you have developed such a sensitivity to gluten! At least you know for sure now. Tear up Denver my girl and get that 4! You two are un casa de poder! (a house of power, in Portuguese) Keep up the great work my girl! I love you so much and I’m thankful every day you are serving the Lord and growing so much!
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