September 13, 2015

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Changes are Good

Dear Hermana Angell,
Change is good. The seasons are changing around here in Indiana. The crops are drying out and are starting to be harvested and the tomatoes are only a few weeks away from being harvested. I love the seasonal changes. How about seasonal changes in Denver?
Talking changes, did you get transferred? I dawned on me and mom that maybe there are not many Spanish speaking areas in your mission. How many are there? When the time comes for you to change areas it will be a wonderful new adventure for you. As one that was an AP on my mission involved in seeking the Lord's direction on transfers, I know without any doubt the Lord will place you where you need to be and when you need to be there. You will reflect back on the months you spent in your first area the rest of your life and find special meaning on why you stayed there so long.
Did TJ and I tell you we got him a new hunting 12 gauge Shotgun with a scope? We may want to get the same model of gun for you when you return if you still want to hunt with me. It is the same power as mine but kicks less because it is an automatic, no need to calk it too reload, it does itself.
So if you have not learned the church made it possible a few weeks ago for members to pay tithes and offerings directly online from our banks. No more handing to bishopric. Real cool. I pay your mission money now the same way.
I have a busy week this week because I have sales meetings. Going bowling Wednesday with the group. I will do some training on my new products also during the week. Saturday I painted the trim around the outside door in the backyard and the side door coming out of the garage because it was weathered. I cut some dry rot pieces of wood out of the back door trim and patched it so I did not have to replace the whole door for a few years. The whole front door and lights cost me about $3600.
Don’t think too much about it so it is not a distraction but comment on the question: we want to go on a family vacation when you return. I need to start deciding where to go and put some money aside. One option is to drive to Florida and go to Disney World. We could go in July shortly after you get home before you have to get settled down. Does that sound like something you would be interested in doing? A car ride would allow us plenty time to catch up with each other. Maybe find a temple along the way?
I want to tell you how thankful I am for you serving the Lord. What a blessing to many people because of your selfless choice. The church is so true and the Lord direct us imperfect members. I know the restoration did happen and Christ lives. We can live together in eternity. We have the priesthood here on earth that is the real power of God.
Please take care and keep radiating your special light.


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