September 13, 2015

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Burnin down the fence!

Hermana Angell, September 13, 2015
Good morning my beautiful girl! Is your fence still burning or is it now a big pile of ashes? Oh I loved your training you shared! I really wish I could have been there to see you teach and feel the power with which you taught and the spirit of your message. I can tell that you have changed and that you teach with the power of the spirit just by the way you write and what you choose to write about. I also enjoyed reading about the part where you went into the room with the picture of the Savior on the chair. What a wonderful experience you had and I’m glad you were inspired to volunteer to do that training with the rest of your district. Good job sis! I was impressed that you volunteered to teach. You never would have volunteered to do that 8 months ago! I’m sure the spirit was felt by the all the missionaries there and I bet it will help them change and burn down that fence! You’re an awesome missionary and I’m so proud of you Mariah!
Sorry that you weren’t able to be in Aurora when your (5) people were ready to get baptized. I know you really wanted to see that but I have no doubt that those 5 will eventually come to the waters of baptism just as you and Hermana Welch were inspired to know. Maybe you’ll have the opportunity to attend the baptisms later if you’re in an area that is close enough. I know missionaries that have gone back to visit after their missions and have gone through the temple with families that a year later have been able to go to the temple and be married. Hang on because it’s not over til the fat lady sings! You’re right when you said in your last letter that you’ve done the finding and planting the seeds and that is all such important steps in them eventually getting there.
Sounds like you’ve made a great connection with Rosa. Wonderful that you are able to understand and relate because of your compassion you’ve developed due to all the things you’ve gone through. So glad you are able to relate so well to so many people there. So exciting you’re teaching the whole Morales family and the Chavez family!! So happy for you!
I love, love your testimony at the end of your last letter! Thank you for sharing it. You have a beautiful testimony and I’m so thankful that it has grown so much and so strong since you’ve been gone. You’re a great example to our lil family sis!
I have had a week full of trying to get my “mom” act back together after being a photographer for almost 2 months and then leaving on our get away to Georgia. I was buried in laundry and house work. Still not quite done but at least I have made headway on the clothes/laundry and the toilets are finally clean again! Haha Work is still just the same. I have decided it’s time to cut out sugar again!!! Ugh. Sick and tired of being fat! I sat down Saturday morning and came up with a plan and a target/goal weight. I loved it when I was thin and healthy and I just feel out of control again so it’s time I did something about it! Burnin down that fence of mediocrity! Hehe
I’m guessing you will have a lot to tell us with the transfer (assuming you were) and your new companion! Can’t wait!! I bought the lace to fix the dresses you sent me. I laughed about the empty bottle of lotion and the elders used it too, that’s awesome! Haha Thanks for the scarves I will wear them with my black winter, dress coat. The family is eating away the Jolly Ranchers!! You’re the bestest ever!!!!!!!! Love momma Angell
P.S. Be patient with yourself in your new area and with your new companion. You can learn new things and new places. You just have to give yourself some time. At least a month. That’s what I always have told myself with each of our moves. I try to give myself at least 3 months but that might be a bit much for you because you get out more than I did with each move.
p.s.s Do you have enough garments now? Oh and I’m glad you liked the necklace and earrings!


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