September 6, 2015

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Email From Georgia

Goodmorning!! Well we have had a great time in Georgia yesterday! It's good to be with Dewey's family yesterday and today. We got in on Friday around 6 so we had a BBQ with Grandma, Grandpa, Kayla and Ty's family. It was good to see Dewey with his siblings again. My favorite part was being in the Georgia temple with them and seeing Dad with his mom, dad and siblings do a group hug in the celestial room. It's really past due that they got together and spent some time together. Dad baptized Truman and Natasha. They did some names from my Mom's side. My mom enjoyed doing geneology so it's nice to see Dewey carry on with it and be taking these names to the temple. As dad was baptizing Natasha and Truman he had tears rolling down his face a few times and so did I. It was special to hear my moms maiden name and my great grandmas name being said because I knew they were my relatives possibly accepting the gospel. What a marvolous day! Last night we went to stone mountain and they let off some fire works and we also watched a lazer show. Kayla and I were being silly sitting by each other. Good to spend time together. Next year it will be in Indiana and you will be home so it will be nice to have everyone together agian with you there yay! We leave Georgia tomorrow morning early. :(
Laughed at your email cielos salchichas haha! You're a silly girl. Do you say that all the time or were you just saving that for our letter? :) How fun...cold showers for two weeks, yuck! I hope the water damage is all cleaned up now and I'm glad you're back to warm showers. When I was a missionary we took ice cold showers for several weeks because our electric shower head stoppoed working, no fun! You're meeting with Elder Zwick souds awesome! Glad you were able to find things to adapt to your life and use to improve the way you teach and how you live.
I put your investigators names on the temple roll list yesterday. And I put Anthony's and Angell's names on the list yesterday and then also I put them on the list last Wednesday. I hope all is well with them and that they are getting further along in their conversion and lessons. We continure to pray for you and them both daily. Wow so great that Anthony's dad picked up the BofM! Miracles do happen wtih faith and I know you have plenty!
I hope you received your package this Friday and enjoyed the contents. :) As always, I enjoyed putting it together for you! What date will you likely be transferred? You have really been in Aurora for a long time. Advantages to that though and I know you have been able to establish so many great friendships! You will go back there some day I guaruntee it!
I enjoyed connectìng with Anthony this past week. You had just left their house when he sent me a friend request. He is a sweet boy! I went in to your F.B. page a accepted several friend requests that you had waiting for you. Several were hispanic names. :) I put a little message out there and said that this was Hermana Angells mom and that you would respond to them all personally when you get back home in 10 months. Anthony replied on yours and my F.B. page and said he thought you are so nice and is glad that we sent you there. :) So sweet.
Sis, have a great rest of your day!! We will be traveling home tomorrow when you are at the library and so we will be responding via our phones. Can't wait to hear from you and how your week has been! Love you so much!!
Mom Angell


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