February 7, 2019




Castles and ASL in Germany

This week definitely ended on a high note. But it started on an even higher one. So I told you all about the dead African that I have been able to teach via Skype and what's left of my American sign language knowledge. Because most of it got replaced with German. But we had a lesson with him last week and he wants to be baptised. He has a strong testimony that this is the true church and that's all you need. I will be able to translate for his baptism... from German to ASL... rip. But I'm so pumped for this guy to get dunked under the water. He's amazing!! So that was the high of my week at the beginning. 
We found alot of people this week too and the work is definitely progressing thanks to God's patience with a couple of American white girls thrown into Germany with a book of Mormon and a German dictionary. It's been amazing to see his hard work through the very very weak.
We visited alot of less actives this week and walked everywhere because our app is broken... So we didn't know when buses came or anything, but that was a miracle in itself because buses always came within 5 min when we needed them! So that's cool. One time sister carr got distracted by a Germany staircase, like she always does, and while she wasn't looking I hid behind a tree, she turned around and yelled "freaking sister weakley!!" And look off running to look for me. Needless to say I couldn't stop laughing and I borrowed the next less actives bathroom that we visited. Haha it was hilarious. 
Today we are in the castle that is in solingen but I haven't been here yet cause, I don't know why?? But it is beautiful. I took so many pictures but I'll only send a few on here. I'm sure my mom will post the others via Facebook. (Thanks mom.) Germany is so beautiful! If you can look it up! Schlußburg castle!!! It's beautiful and totally worth the 5€ to walk inside. 
I love you all and I hope you know God loves you more! Have a great week and choose the right. Keep the faithMatt 4Luke 4,5 Jacob 5Look for what you can do to help the Savior in the vineyard. Whether it be your tree or another's. Liebe grüßeSister weakley Y'alls favorite part 
A bunch of pics at the castle.


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