January 17, 2019




Left her hanging, she held on

Week 2 of training was a better week! So that's good. This week was busy of finding and talking to a lot of Germans with not a lot of time. But its fine because my little trainee is killing it out here. We have been working on contacting and my girl is already talking to people by herself! So dang! Turns out when you leave em hanging early they learn fast! Haha yes of course I left her hanging within her first week. Because sister Clegg did it to me so it's was my duty! Haha! But its fine because we have been playing chess every night and she kicks my trash every night... So that's why I leave her hanging. Haha 
This week I've been studying a lot about Christ. I challenge all of you do read about our Savior in the new testament. He is amazing and when you think about whay he did for us it can't help but make us want to be better. I know there is a reason that the phrase "faith unto repentance" is in the book of Mormon 59 times. Because when we learn of Christ and increase our faith in Him we can't help but want to be like Him and repent to be better! At least that how it was for me this week. 
We saw a lot of things this week that definitely go on things you never see in America. Let me just name a few:          A very high guy on a bus sweating bullets with blood shot eyes, pouring straight cocaine onto his hand and then snorts it up in one puff. (Was so shook we missed our stop...)         A lady trynna roll her weed cigarette but is falling asleep so she keeps dropping all her weed on the ground, so sad.         We were klingeling on a house and right before the door opens I see a huge spider on the wall. I don't mess with spiders but sister carr has a serious fear. Needless to say the spider disappeared behind the doorbell and sister carr didn't say anything at that door approach. But we gave him a book of Mormon so good things can happen even when there are spiders. We walked away, I was laughing and carr was crying. Haha so funny.          Got hit on by quite a few creepy people who think we go around giving our number to everyone because we want to. Not because we are trying to give them salvation or anything. 
But all in all Solingen has my heart. We are putting in alot of work and seeing alot of miracles. Keep the faith and God will keep his windows of heaven open for us. 
Alma 34 is amazing "faith unto repentance" 
Quote of the week: "The game has been won, the score is on the scoreboard. All we have to do is decide which teams jersey we are going to wear." 
Liebe grüße,Sister weakley (toughley)Fries in a cone. Best idea ever. Köln dom! Definitely the wrong doctrine. But they know how to build a cool building. Bratwurst und pommes. 2nd best idea.It always rains. And my hair is stick straight, except when it rains. 


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