November 15, 2018




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I feel like yesterday was p day... this week blasted by!!! Wow! I love being a missionary! I love being able to go out everyday and witness miracles!!! This week a prayer was answered!! I've been praying to be able to use my sign language to further the work... but there's a problem because I know American sign language and I'm not in America... but I wanted to use it. Me and sis Clegg got on a bus to go finding. We missed the one we wanted and had to wait 20 minutes for the next one.. and we were bumbed about it... but when I got on I still wanted to make the best so I was looking around for who to talk to and saw people moving their hands around!!! My heart literally skipped a beat!! I blasted over to them and asked in sign if  they knew ASL they shook their head and I started to slowly explain that it's ok but I knew asl and wanted to learn German sign language! They said please sit down and we will teach you!!! I sat on the bus with this couple for 30 minutes signing in german and speaking in german and signing in English!!! They taught me GSL!!!!! I can't even explain how excited I am about this!!! But wow!!! We see deaf people everywhere now!!!! So... miracles are real and they are coming!!! That's pretty much the biggest thing that happened this week! After they left I had tears in my eyes... partially because I was so dang happy and because the bitter cold German wind makes my eyes water!! Hahaha! Also... yesterday we had the chance to help one of our investigators change all the tires on her car. So thanks dad for making me learn how to change a tire because Clegg and the lady both didn't know how and could not even loosen the bolts... So yours truly changed 4 tires all by myself with Clegg occasionally jumping on the star wrench to get the really tight ones!  Haha it was a dang good time... and it was pitch black outside so I didn't realise how dirty I was until I came inside! Pictures included! On a more spiritual note...I challenge all of you to pray for an attribute of Christ to learn and develop and if you will study it and pray for it, you will witness miracles in your life!!! I've been really trying to do that these past weeks and wow!!! Christ is truly amazing and a perfect example!! Also... light the world is going to be AMAZING!!!!! So get ready to help the missionary force!! Light the world by one act a service!!! Ich habe Sie Liebe!!!! Liebe grüßeSister weakley 
My dirty hands and face... It rains here all the time and we stomp in the puddles!! Sometimes we smile and sometimes we just up laughing! Also... We love food! And the bakeries here are heaven!!!! 


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