September 5, 2018




Re: ich liebe die familie

My companion is sister Olivia lyda from Idaho falls Idaho she is so funny
and makes me laugh almost as much as Bailee does... but nobody can beat
My district makes me laugh so hard!!! What do you want to know... they are
very spiritual but sometimes you can tell they are all straight outta high
school! Hahaha and the group for my emails didn’t show up on my iPad... so
I had to select individually everybody in my contacts... so that sucks..
can you maybe try to help me that... idk how but we’ll see... thanks! That
would be great!!!

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On Sep 5, 2018, at 12:20 PM, Alene Weakley

The pic was great tell us about your companion what is her name where is
she from also we would love to hear about your district. The pic made the
email send weird but it worked out ok. Love you so much I'll try to get
kysens email to you. Love you, mom

On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 11:52 AM Lynzie Weakley

I love you guys! First matter of business... Chancho... give me your
Also... the spirit is so strong here. I thought the temple was strong...
it’s nuts! I love it! All of my prayers get answered and I’m learning
german! I thought My mouth didn’t work for languages but guess what... it
does with god!!! He’s amazing! We have devotionals and they are amazing! I
miss you guys but... this is a good trade for a little while! The signing
district is the best!!! I love them and sign to them all the time because
it makes me feel good at at least one language! Hahahahaha god knows me so
well!!! Chan go your card was beautiful! Thank you so much! It’s hanging on
my wall also mom and dad your letter is on my wall too!!! I love the
package!!! I got it just barely so that was fun to enjoy some treats while
writing you guys! I think about you daily and love you so much! I challenge
you guys to read the Book of Mormon everyday with a question in your mind
and heart! We talk to god through prayer but he answers us through
scriptures! I promise if you do that you will receive an answer! And I can
make promises because I’m a missionary and elder holland told me I could!
So much to say and not enough time to say it but I love letters! It’s
really easy you can send one through
or something like that! Do it! I’m going to the temple now so I’m super
excited love you so much! See y’all next week! Btw I can read emails
through the week but can only respond on Wednesday’s! Love you!
Liebe sister Weakley!
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