September 12, 2018




Satan’s trough takes another victim...

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*From:* Lynzie Weakley
*Date:* September 12, 2018 at 10:11:08 AM MDT
*Subject:* *Satan’s trough takes another victim... *

Hallo everybody! I can’t believe that it’s already been 2 weeks! I think
when you cross the gates of the MTC time is not a concept... it’s so weird
here... it feels like we’ve been here for a few days but I feel like I’ve
known my district for years! Everyday I am amazed at the testimonies they
have. God truly prepares people in our lives to impact us and our
testimonies in a way that nobody else can! And those people are my
district! I truly love and respect them, even if the elders just graduated
high school! (Haha)

The schedule is the same everyday so I’m not sure what all to tell you but
volleyball tournaments are a real thing and those are amazing! But I now
have learned why they say don’t dive because the sand is rude and if one
figuratively dives, not me, just somebody I know... she’s really
competitive, she dove to hit a ball and got some nasty cuts on her leg from
the sand... but good thing I have my medical stuff. Haha to clean up said
competitive girl, haha which isn’t me remember. (Haha pictures included.)

Story time... if you have ever been to the MTC you know that in the
cafeteria... there is the place where all of the food trays get dropped off
and you have to dump liquids in this little trough thing and then put
silverware in a tub... all the while holding your breath because if you
breath in you will die, pass out or get cancer in your lungs... we have
nick named it the Satan’s trough... and have learned to hop your breath...
with the amount of people that get in my way I think I can hold my breath
for a long time, but the sight of all the missionaries running out of
Satan’s trough trying to breath. When the new missionaries come on
Wednesday’s we always laugh at the unsuspecting nubees whose breath in
Satan’s breath and gag, true story, we all bust out laughing!! You gotta
find the little things to laugh at here because we don’t have any outside
world to laugh at... but truly Satan’s trough is the worst thing I’ve ever
smelled... and I was a CNA!!

We have been here for 2 weeks and have memorized the missionary purpose in
german! I have a video of us doing it! I testify as a missionary of the
Lord Jesus Christ that our purpose is ordained of God! I know that the gift
of tongues is real and that it is accessed through faith on our Savior! He
is always right there with us, to bless, comfort, uplift and forgive!
Through Him we can do all things! Many mighty miracles have been wrought in
this land for which we will praise His name forever!

I love to see pictures of the outside world and see the things that bring a
beautiful smile to all of your faces. So please don’t hesitate to drop a
quick pic by through email! It always brightens a missionaries day to see
the loved ones they left behind so that we remember the families we can
bring to Christ so they can be together for eternity! Like ours! I’m
eternally grateful for your support and love and prayers! I can feel the
prayers said in our behalf and I promise those prayers are not going
unnoticed!! God blesses and protect His missionaries through the faith of
Sorry it’s so long but there is a lot to say and my little fingers can’t go
fast enough to say it all!
I love you all and hope to hear from each of you, remember the worth of
souls is great in the sight of God! He will not leave His precious children
comfort less! He WILL come to YOU! I challenge you to pray in those times
of sorrow when you have hit rock bottom and you will see his Hand working
in your life to remind you that He is your rock!
Here are some pictures! We all know those people who only look at them
instead of reading it!

Technology workshop! That’s sister lyda if you didn’t know! (Inside joke...)
The squad...
My mission scripture! Sorry for looking uncomfortable, the elders were
standing there and I was uncomfty... haha

This ones for you mom! We took a picture at the same spot! Hopefully she
can send the original to me so I can show it to you!
That girls leg... ok you got me... it was me... I know... you’re shocked!!!!
German is hard but through Christ we can do the hardest of things!!
Alles meine liebe!!
Love sister Weakley

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