September 19, 2018




Catch me on the flippity phone

Guten Morgen!!!!! oh my goodness!! this week has flown by as if on a
jet!!!! I feel like i just got here but really I have been here longer than
the time that I have left in this blessed prison! hahah! I love it here! I
cant explain the things we do here but Im going to try! so bare with me...
We go play volleyball on the sand courts by the temple everyday and walking
there and back is the only glimpse of outside world we get! The smoke was
so bad earlier this week that our glimpse was completely disrupted... so
thanks alot elk ridge fire! just kidding! I hope all those who are affected
by the fire are safe and sound! I hope you know that every prayer Ive heard
here at the MTC since the fire started has mentioned that! we are praying
for you! and we are missionaries, representing our Savior! so when we
promise something or pray for something it is amazing the answers we
receive! We love you and I hope all works for the best!

Also while walking back to the mtc we occasionally see people that aren't
wearing a black name badge and that always takes us by surprise! haha but
there was this kid walking by who had hair just like napolean dynomite...
and elder hawkins asked him as he passed if he had seen the movie. the kids
without hesitation yells back, "too many times" hahaha and it doesnt take
alot to get missionaries laughing... obviously! we laughed the entire walk
back. haha!

oh! concerning the subject line of this email. me and sister lyda have been
called as the branch 11 sister training leaders! its amazing how God knows
what we can handle and how to make us humble, improve and do things we
didn't think we could! but along with the amazing opportunity to serve all
the sisters in our zone and get to know them, we were blessed with a
dinosaur phone! It can litterally do didily squat! the only thing we can do
on it is push 2 speed dial and call the front desk, who then forwards us to
our branch president. and you have to plug your ear and push the phone to
your other ear because when someone calls on it, it sounds like they are
talking to you from the dinosaur ages! It so hard to hear! but its really
odd to hear a phone ringing because I havent heard that for 3 weeks and now
I have to answer the phone and talk to someone from the Jurassic park time
period! its pretty funny! but wow its an antique! haha!

On another note! something that might not surprise some of you is that I am
the unofficial medical person! people get sick or hurt and I hear my name
and come with my medical stuff! its pretty awesome! I love it! not alot of
serious injuries but a few blisters and cuts here and there! mostly sick
people! the bugs go around so fast here! its hard to not catch anything!
but We are trying our best! haha!

We had Elder Neil L. Anderson come speak to us last night and how amazing
that was! He spoke on a topic that he said he has never had the inspiration
to talk on before! it was the power and influence of the Temple! How
blessed as missionaries we are to attend the temple every week and receive
of those blessings and personal insights or revelation that can and are
supposed to be given in that beautiful hallowed place, the house of the
Lord, Holiness to the Lord. Its amazing! I challenge each of you to attend
the temple more frequently! You will receive blessings beyond your wildest
dreams! God truly resides in His house and you can too, but you have to go
there! Thats a promise from a representative of The Lord Jesus Christ,
challenge it! test out the promises of the Lords Chosen!

Also, for general conference, which is in 3 weeks
!!!!!!!! they are having some missionaries sing
in the choir! We are beyond excited, but they can only call 364
missionaries, but still! how amazing it will be to be apart of that choir
to sing praises unto the Lord. On a similar note, please make sure you can
listen to General Conference! We have the opportunity to listen to Gods
Mouthpiece. To listen to The Voice of the Lord through His Chosen Apostles!
DON'T MISS THIS!!!! Dont miss it for anything!!!!!!! God will put His
answers for you in the words of his apostles and If you dont listen, God
cant help you! SO LISTEN!!!!! We heard a talk by elder bednar called
Character of Christ! Its soooo good! go listen to it! but in it he says,
"when the natural man would turn in and think only of himself, be like
Christ and turn outward!!!"
That was amazing advice! when life gets hard and you want to only think
about you, dont, and look for outward for who the Lord wants you to bless
that day!

Well, Im running out of things to say but holy cow! I love my district and
i love My Savior! He is my master and He has Chosen Me to represent Him!
HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING! Thank you for the prayers and thank you for the
emails! I would love to hear from each of you! even if you have nothing to
say... just say hi!

I just wanted to add for the sake of my mother, that i have been here 3
weeks and in german I can testify of my Savior Jesus Christ, pray to My
Heavenly Father and get my answer through reading the Word Of God
(Scriptures),my point is not to boast but to challenge you that if you
think God wont listen to your prayer or Jesus Christ doesn't know you, or
you dont have time for the scriptures, then try a little harder! pray a
little more sincere and never forget that Your Savior Died for YOU! Don't
ignore the man who cares the most about you! German is hard but through
Christ I can do ALL things, Alma 26:12! I'm memorizing this in German and
wow!!! the gift of tongues is a real thing!!!!
Ich weiss das Gott lebt und liebe sie! Jesus Christi ist unsur erretter!
Und wir konnen beten zu Gott und er werde uns antwort! (Dont judge my
german if you know german... Grammar is hard!)


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