September 26, 2018




“How did you do that?”

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*From:* Lynzie Weakley
*Date:* September 26, 2018 at 11:25:32 AM MDT
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Richard Evans , McKenna Ormond ,
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*Subject:* *“How did you do that?”*

So this week has been crazy!!!! I’ve been here for 4 weeks!!! It’s flown by
and yet the classes take weeks to get to the closing prayer! They are so
long! But I love it!! German is coming along with the help of my Savior and
the Holy Ghost!!! They are really good at german!! I love it here!! My
district is amazing and so is my zone!! Every Saturday night we play
volleyball!! It is the most intense game ever! We play germans against ASL
districts and it is quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread!! 2 of
the asl elders went to Bingham and me being a pg gurl to the bone was
determined to beat them in at least 1 thing!!! (Kristin and fellow Vikings,
you understand right?) haha anyway! We were playing the most intense game
and these miners are like 6’ tall or taller!! And impressively gooD at
body checking me to the ground at the net and spiking the ball at this
little 5’4 Viking... so me and sister lyda, my comp, were determined to
spike it on them and let me tell you!!! We succeeded!!!! I guess it’s a
little hard to block a spike when you signing!! Hahaha inside joke! Also...
I’m really competitive, so that was the best feeling ever beating those
dang miners in something!!!! Haha!!
Also, if you know me you know that concentration pushups are my thing!!! So
naturally, reminding me of my daddy, I taught the elders how to do them!!
Please read subject heading again... haha To their surprise, they are hard
and no... they couldn’t do them but we are working on it and yes!! That did
make me feel good! (Daddy, thanks for teaching me how to do them so I can
prove I’m sister toughly!) hahahaha it was hilarious watching them try and
a lot got close so that’s their goal before they leave here, to do more
than me! Dad I’m at 12 in a row so best that!! Hahaha I’m doing them
everyday and I love them!!! Best workout ever!! Hahaha my roomies got to
leave the prison walls this week, note to self, if you want to leave the
prison walls do one of 2 things, pop 3 laxative tablets and get hemroids,
or play volleyball with sister weakley and accidentally land on her
foot.... and go get X-rays for a rolled ankle. Hahaha! Needless to say its
been an eventful week!
On a more spiritual note, note being the pun intended part. They have asked
some missionaries to sing in the MTC choir at general conference!! And
guess who got asked to sing with the choir!!! This girl!! I’m beyond
excited to one, go to a session of conference, and 2 I guess there are 3
ways to get out of these prison walls!! I’m beyond excited and it will be a
great way to kick of my departure of the Provo MTC and all that is entailed
here!! I love it and all but getting out of these prison walls and into a
car, which I haven’t been in for 4 weeks will be an amazing memory,
considering I’ve forgotten what being in a car is like! Haha I’m beyond
excited so look for me and the sisters in zone 11 on the TVs this general
conference!! You will not regret it! The songs are so powerful!! I love
this gospel and the joys that it bring to my life!!!
The MTC is bomb but I leave for Germany in T-12 days!!!!!
Ich weiß das Gott ist Unser himmlischer vater! Und Er liebst uns!! Wit Sind
seine kinder. Jesus christus ist Unser Erretter und weiß Unser fühlen.
(Don’t judge my german... grammar sucks...
Liebe, sister weakley
I’d love a letter or email! It really lightens up my day!!
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