October 3, 2018




Flight plan Friday!

I LOVE KRISTIN SO MUCH!!!! I just wanted to share this with my mom because
she is my other mom! And I love her!! Hahaha love you mom!!!
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*From:* Kristin Everett
*To:* Lynzie Weakley
*Subject:* *Re: Flight plan Friday!*

Oh, Lynzie, Lynzie, Lynzie...

I get SO excited for you when I get these awesome letters. As I read your
letters, my brain instantly goes," Oooh, I need to tell Lynzie this... oh,
that reminds me of this one time on my mission... no way! I need to tell
Lyndsie this too..." So by the end of your letter, there are so many things
I want to tell you that I've already forgotten the first couple of things.
So I read your letter again. And again. And again...

You mentioned how the language can be frustrating, but that you recognize
moments that the Spirit is helping you... I remember once in the MTC, we
were "teaching" an investigator (a volunteer who spoke German who helps
missionaries practice). Our German was horrible and we kept asking the
investigator to "sprechen Sie langsam, bitte." As I tried to testify of
Joseph Smith in my broken German, the investigator just started to cry.
She explained (in German -- and I UNDERSTOOD it!!) that she had felt the
spirit so strong with my testimony and thanked me for that. The gift of
tongues is a real thing. And I don't think it's always being able to speak
the language of the country you're in, but it's being able to speak the
language of the Spirit and allowing the Spirit to do the teaching. I know
you'll get lots of experiences like that. So don't kick yourself too much
that you make mistakes in grammar and don't know everything. Let the
Spirit work thru you and it will all work out.

I know how excited you are to finally leave the MTC and arrive "in land."
The flight is fun, going thru customs is a little nerve wracking, meeting
your new mission president and his wife is awesome... Enjoy every moment,
even the ones that make you nervous. I remember my first week in Germany -
I was awed by the beautiful historical buildings and the unique culture.
And frustrated that I didn't understand much - language or mission. I felt
lost. I was jealous that little 3 year old German kids spoke better German
than me! I used to love talking with the little kids, because they didn't
care if I made a mistake and it took the pressure off.

I love that you used your medical skills!!! It sounds like you did
everything exactly like you should have. I'm so proud!! You will find
that you will get the opportunity to do that a lot on your mission. The
Lord will put you in situations that he needs your skills to further his
work... You never know, by giving a bandaid to a little non-member kid,
you might plant the seed for him or his family to look in to the church.

Life here in beautiful 'ol PG is trucking right along. We had our last
region girls soccer home game last night (hooray for no more late night
soccer games!) Football only has 2 more region games (AF this week and
Lone Peak the next.) We beat Westlake last week for our homecoming game
56-0... It was pretty awesome! The weather is finally cooling off (you
already know that in Provo...) and I'm looking forward to the jacket

I'm SO excited for Conference this weekend. And that's awesome that you
get to sing in Saturday afternoon's session!!! One recommendation for
when you get with your new companion in Germany - we used to study the
conference talks in German together, to improve our language skills, study
the gospel from the living prophets, and improve our companionship study.
Of course, we had to wait a few months after conference until we could get
the Liahona magazine. You'll have it easy with modern technology :)

Love you tons!! Thanks for the pictures and your awesome attitude! Can't
wait to hear about your first experiences in the field!!!

:) Kristin

Kristin Pond Everett, ATC

Athletic trainers are medical professionals who are experts in injury
prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, particularly in the
orthopedic and musculoskeletal disciplines.

On Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 11:52:12 AM MDT, Lynzie Weakley <> wrote:

There is so much to day I can’t even begin to say everything!!! Most
importantly, flight plan Friday!!!! I got my flight plans and I am getting
out of this prison in 5 days!!!! Don’t get me wrong, if I have to be in any
prison, this is the one to be in!! But I can’t begin to explain how excited
I am to fly out to Germany and finish the rest of my mission!!!! It’s an
indescribable feeling!!!! Unbeschreiblicker fühlen!!!!!
My german sucks, but good thing the Holy Ghost knows german perfectly! I
can feel the days I have the spirit with me really strong because after we
teach a lesson, my teacher says she can understand my german! And when I
don’t have the spirit with me really strong, I get a lot of, weidersprechen
(can you repeat that!) so needless to say the gift of tongues is real!!!!
But I still feel the slight inclination that when I land in Germany, I’m
going to get another fat slice of humility pie, because dang, german is
Also... everybody and their dog apparently wanted to go to Germany...
everytime I talk to someone they always say how much they either learned
german or wanted to go to Germany!! So apparently don’t want something and
god will give it to you with a fat slice of humility pie!! It’s
Our zone has bonded so much over the past 2 weeks and I really am going to
be sad to say goodbye to all of them!!! I truly love them like family! Just
a little hint of my life here we are with Germans, asl, Albanians and
Turkish missionaries! Sacrament meeting is always the best part of our zone
meetings! Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and we are supposed to give
talks and testify in our mission language! Yeah!! The lord moves us so
fast! But anytime the Germans got up to testify last fast Sunday I felt bad
because the asl missionaries never understood what they were saying... so
as a missionary for Jesus Christ, I volunteered to translate all of the
german testimonies from german to English in my head and then sign them!!!
Can I tell you that it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done, and not
because I did good, because I ended a testimony with in the name of Jesus
class amen.... (I was so embarrassed...) but it was amazing!! I learned
more german and learned more signs, it was an amazing way that God was
telling me that I was doing better than I thought I was! And let me tell
you, God knows exactly when we need those little boosts of confidence!!!
And he gave it to me the best way I could have ever received it!!! I love
my savior and the miracles he works for me!!! Also... zone volleyball is a
real thing and I love it with all my heart!! Even though I got court burn
in my leg and it keeps reopening because I get body checked at the net but
vertically blessed elders!! This mission is already better than my wildest
This weekend is conference and I hope all of you watch and listen for Gods
personal message to you!!! It is in there and god really is speaking to you
by the mouth of his prophets!! So pay attention!! Also... on Saturday
afternoon session, there will be some amazing singers singing some even
more amazing songs!!! So please keep an eye out for our beautiful faces
because we are singing as missionaries in conference!!!!!!! I can’t even
explain how blessed I feel to sing praises to my God and to his prophets!!
The songs are inspired by God so please pay attention to the meanings of
the songs and how they relate to you in this life!!!!
Also, thanks Kristen Everett (little shout out!) because I got to use my
emergency medical responder training! A sister in my zone passed out in the
middle of the hall, with our whole zone there! She started shaking so much
that we thought it was a seizure! I was calm and collected and trying to
calm people down as well as help this sister!! She wasn’t seizing but that
didn’t stop teachers from calling 911!!!! I told them not to and I told
them that I was an emr and that I had it under control because I had my
companion call the front desk for the paramedics who work here at the MTC,
they were on the way and yet some (amazing child of god) over reacted and
called 911.... that was not helpful and cause the sister to go into shock!!
I took proper measures while trying to calmly and nicely kick all the
missionaries out of sight from her to calm her down... but missionaries
don’t listen very well when things like this happen... I breathed with her
for 6 min until the paramedics came and the elders gave her a blessing! The
calmness and peace that came flooding in during that blessing was caused by
more than just the missionaries shutting up... the spirit truly spoke peace
to her heart and body! I was then able to give the paramedics my report and
we all concluded that she was dehydrated and hadnt eaten! All was well and
wowza! I can’t wait to be in the medical field when I’m finished working
for the Lords errand!! The lord truly outs us in the exact places where he
needs us! I’m so grateful I was able to Be a tool in his hands yesterday!!

God loves us and you will feel that love as you watch conference this
weekend!! Please come with a prayer in your heart and a question in your
head!!! You will get an answer!!!
Side note... next time I email you it will be from the beautiful land of
Now here some pictures!!!! Enjoy!!!
Love sister weakley! Tchuess!!!!
[image: image1.jpeg]Me and my companion with the best branch president out
there!! President Henderson!
[image: image2.jpeg]This picture explains all of us far too well!! Just
enjoy it for a long min!!
[image: image3.jpeg]The best zone ever!! Not featured... The Albanians and
Turkish elders are taking the pictures!!
[image: image4.jpeg]I was really brain dead in class so I had to
disassemble and reassemble my pens!! German is rough!! Featuring elder
Palmer and elder hatch
[image: image5.jpeg]We all were matching this day with everybody else’s
clothes!!! So your welcome!
[image: image6.jpeg]The best companion with a slightly less better
rainbow! [image:
image7.jpeg]We got to go outside the prison walls to pick up some meds for
sister lyda!!! Obviously we were extremely happy!!

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