July 17, 2018


Fishcreek Calgary


Sister Tanner

Banff and Fire Stations

This week was crazy fun! Sorry I didn't really email last week. We got to go to Banff on our P-day! Seriously such an amazing, beautiful place. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Banff, TAKE IT!!!! There was so much to see and do, and it was absolutely so beautiful! It truly amazes me that Heavenly Father created such a beautiful place here on earth with waterfalls, mountains and the prettiest lakes ever, but yet he still considers us his greatest creation!

Banff was so cool! I got to cross two things off of my bucket list... Banff and going on the backside of a waterfall. I got so wet from the backside but it was so worth it. The ice cold glacier water felt so good, and it made my hair and hands the softest they've ever been! We hiked up Johnston Canyon, up to the Upper Falls which is about and Hour hike both ways. Well worth it. I became our guides model for the day. I have so many pictures with me and a Book of Mormon it isn't even funny! Well worth it though!

We also got to go into the middle of the rivers! Super fun but also sketch. I fell as I was going back and landed pretty hard on a rock. I hurt my leg a lot and my right shoulder hurt for a couple days, but my shoulder is all good now. My leg didn't bruise but it still hurts if I put a lot of pressure on it. Sister John said I came within 3" of hitting my head on the rock. The only thing I remember is a wave coming up right as I leaped, landing on the rock, being frozen for a second and then being lifted up. Like I didn't get up by myself, something pulled me up. That was a really cool experience. It really shows that Heavenly Father watches out after his missionaries, and I am very thankful for that.

I got to go to the Calgary fire station the other day,(1 of the 40 stations in Calgary). It was awesome they had 1 Engine, 1 Ladder (30M Shmeal), a Hazmat truck and a Bush Buggie (brush truck). The EMS and Fire is different here in Calgary. They are two different companies.

I got to talk to some members the other day about DISNEY!!!! IT was fantastic! I walked in their house and saw a picture of them in Pandora: The World of Avatar, so that was how the conversation got started! I shared some of my insider knowledge about Disney with them!

We heart attack people nonstop out here. The people are usually at work all day so we can't really do anything until later in the night. So we heart attack. Our saying is "Sister Missionaries: Saving people's lives one heart attack at a time" S. Tanner is always the getaway driver, and I'm the heart attacker. There are some times where I literally had to sneak up the porch. I should be a CIA agent because I am so good at this now!

Anyways that's about it! I love all of you and I know that you are all children of our Heavenly Father, whom loves us very much! He blesses our lives so much more that we could even know and he wants us to know that he's there and cares for us. Pray to him and he will answer your prayers. He is there. He hears you, he cares and loves you!


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