July 31, 2023




Hermana De Leon

My first area, Posadas

soooo it's pretty cool here! I like it. it'll be really hot one day and cold the next and back to hot and because of that I'm kind of  sick a lot but I'm alive.
There are alot of kick me dogs and rat dogs that only bark when you're trying to talk or listen to people but at least they're normally cute. One of them tried to kill me but God loves me and I barely have a scratch so that's good. 
We had Agustins baptism! it all went really well. His friend that baptized him has autism and doesn't have very much strength so we had our ward mission leader in the font to help just in case, which i've never seen before, but he did a great job. 
On Pday we were able to go to iguazu waterfalls and it was amazing. Wayyyy too many people for comfort but it was still such a good experience and really fun. We also out to eat which was fun, I love eating but i'm gaining so much weight hahaha 😬
My area is basically the center of the city and I knew I'd have to learn patience and to like people a little more but it's definitely baptism by fire. The area is huge and the bus system is super confusing and I haven't learned it all yet haha. I just finished training and got a new companion Hermana Poppell and she's great but we're lost all the time because she just got to the area and doesn't know either hahahaha. 
It's definitely been a crazy week because we also don't have power and probably won't for at least another couple of days because they forgot to pay our bill hahaha 
Also my bishop plays the electric guitar so that's cool.
But overall everything is really good, and the time is flying. I'll work on sending smaller emails more frequently. If you thought you weren't on my emails list you probably were I just wasn't sending emails aha. Have a good week! 


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