May 15, 2023




Hermana De Leon

Resistencia Argentina, arriving

Ive almost finished one week so im basically fluent now. Its nice to finally be here though. After a few flights and bus rides I got to my first area, Posadas:) its a really nice area. I miss fields and not being able to hear my neighbors but the buses are kind of fun to ride so its ok. 
The ward im in is great and actually huge if all the members were to come to church aha, but thats being fixed. My first or second day here we set a baptismal date for this guy augusto. I say we but it was just my companion that asked while I tried to understand what was going on lol. I guess im getting the full experience from the beginning. We also have a lady named martina getting baptised and we talked about her addiction to coffee haha, I dont think ive ever seen anyone so willing to try to do everything we said. Both of their dates are in june so we have a few weeks.
The people here are usually really nice and offer what they have. Its interesting because there are some homes here that are really nice and pretty big and clean and some that are kind of a shock to walk into. I am by no means a germaphobe but sometimes I just know I should try to not really touch anything aha. But either way the people here are very nice and humble.
The food is pretty great and my companion is latina 😂 im not gonna say I knew I was going to get one as my first companion but I knew lol. Shes amazing though and just what I need I think. Her english is pretty good if I dont understand in spanish and she tries to be understanding when im always hungry and dont like talking to people. I just hope she has patience to deal with me for the rest of my training.


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