August 7, 2017


Mt. Vernon


Sister Amanda Wilcox


Hey y'all!!

I can say this has been the most interesting week on my mission so far. There were several times Sister Wilcox and I would look at each other and say "only on a mission." Also there were a few times I had to tell her this was not a typical experience to have hahaha. We have transfers this week, but Sister Wilcox and I are staying here in good old Mount Vernon. The week of transfers are always crazy, but this one was chill for us because we knew we would be staying together, since Sister Wilcox is in training. I'm pumped for another transfer with Sister Wilcox, she's awesome!!

You know you've found a golden investigator when they take your members to church😂 hahaha Willie is doing awesome!! We've had some really good lessons with him this week and it's so cool to see how much good he wants to do. Sometimes you don't know who's going to be behind that door you knock. I'm sure glad we knocked on Willie's door. He's taught me so much and continues to inspire me to change for the better.

One of our members, Linda is always at our lessons with Willie. Her and Willie have a special bond. Linda helps everyone feel so loved and special. She's also a hoot! Oh man the stories she can tell you about her life! She's seen and been through it all and her conversion story is so awesome. So about the peanuts... At church yesterday, Linda got up and bore her testimony about us and Willie haha. She compared us to this saying, "have you ever heard the expression when a blind squirrel finds a peanut? Well the sisters are my peanuts!! They have given me meaning in life. They have filled a whole in my heart that I didn't know was there." It was the cutest thing ever. Linda has my heart. Missionary work is amazing. It brings us all together and we are all focused on helping our other brothers and sisters come unto Christ. I know it brings me so much joy, because I see the joy that the gospel brings to others lives.

This week in my studies I was reading in Mosiah about Abinadi. His example really touched me this week. Abinadi's courage is something I really admire. It made me question what I would sacrifice and give up, to stand for what is right. I know that the Book of Mormon can teach us many life lessons. Through Abinadi's story I was able to see that it's better to stand against the crowd and choose the harder right, than follow what you know to be wrong just so you will fit in.

I hope everyone has a stellar week😘😘

Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1. Chocolate face masks for the win💯
2. As drapes would ask, "how you liking the rain Arizona?!"
3. Mac the one on the table is dying this week... not literally but he's going home. PLL edition
4. Mac has been trunky for a while now.. it was a good funeral😂


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