July 31, 2017


Mt. Vernon


Sister Amanda Wilcox

Ain't even a greenie👌🏻

Hey y'all!!!

I'm officially not a greenie anymore! Woot woot, it's been a long six months! Sike! Time is flying. Every week here in Mount Vernon is a good time! From dumpster diving, to having a major black out, to the biggest rain storm I have ever seen! Sure making some good memories here!

We did a ton of walking this week because Glenn Coco was in the shop getting fixed, but we also got a lot of members to come out with us this week, which was super awesome! The members here are amazing. And they always hook it up with some good food😊

So about the dumpster diving... I must have bad luck with taking out the trash because this is the second time I've had this dilemma😂 we were at an elderly ladies home and we offered to take her trash out for her. She didn't have a trash bag in her trash can so as I was lifting up the trash can and dumping it into the dumpster, my weak arms lost hold of it and the whole trash can fell into the dumpster.. being the saint that Sister Wilcox is she offered to jump on to the dumpster and grab it out. Who knew taking the trash out could be so complicated!?

Also, we decided to make some cookies and puppy chow for a couple of our investigstors, and while we were doing a good deed, the power went out... and we are in the basement, so it's like pitch black! And with my luck I went to find my flashlight, and flashlights need batteries to work, and batteries are something we don't have, so we were having a grand time in the dark! All of Mount Vernon's power went out for an hour, it was a peculiar event to say the least. This definitely taught us we needed to be more prepared for these kinds of things!

And finally the rain storm! We do service at the library every week and after we had walked over to the library, a huge storm rolled in. I mean so much rain!! And we were going to have to walk home in this. Luckily, one of our members picked us up and gave us a ride home. But from running out to the car to back into our house, Sister Wilcox and I were soaked head to toe. We weren't even outside for 2 minutes and it looked like we had jumped in a pool! It was crazy!

Willie is doing so awesome! We had a couple of super awesome lessons with him this week. Yesterday at church he let us know, that he loved every second of church. He, "knows this is the true religion" he already feels apart of the branch, everyone loves him! I'm so grateful to know Willie, he teaches me so much! He has such a strong desire to do good and grow closer to God, it's really inspiring. Also, being the nice trainer I am😉 I let Sister Wilcox lead out on teaching Willie the law of chastity. She did bomb! My little girl is growing up so fast.

Ooh cool experience happened this week! We had a ton of meetings in Evansville this week, and we had to get a ride everytime because we were car less. One of our members took us to lunch at a farmers market, and they had a bunch of different food trucks there. As Sister Wilcox and I were ordering our food we asked for a combo meal and the guy noticed our name tags and mentioned how they have water for us since we can't have soft drinks. I knew after he said this he must know something about Mormons, so I asked him why he thought we couldn't have soft drinks. He said that he had talked to boy missionaries and they told him it was against their religion. I let him know we are allowed to have soft drinks it's a personal choice and then taught him the word of wisdom hahaha. It made sense to him and our conversation continued. He then said he's been interested in learning about other religions and wanted to know what we believe. It took me a minute to answer because there was so much I could get into at that moment but I wanted to share with him what he needed to hear. I said a quick prayer in my head and the first article of faith pooped into my head, I said "we believe in God the eternal father and in his son Jesus Christ and in the holy ghost." This got us on the topic of the godhead and we taught him a little bit and he said, "that makes total sense, I've always questioned the trinity, and what you are saying clicks! Where is your church at, I want to go!?" We passed on that information and took down his information because he agreed to meeting with the missionaries. Sadly, he isn't in our area but we are excited to see what happens for him! It was a really neat experience and I am so thankful that I was able to be prompted to know what to say to this man to help answer his questions. The spirit really is the teacher. Lord is placing prepared people in our paths all the time, and we can always pray to know what we can share with them, and the Lord will bring the words to our mouths of what we should share with them. I know this to be true.

I have a testimony that Jesus Christ lives. I know Joseph Smith saw God the father and his son Jesus Christ, standing on the right hand of God. I know that God called Joseph Smith to be a prophet and through him the fullness of the gospel was restored to the earth. I know that by living the gospel of Jesus Christ, not only will we have an abundance of happiness in our lives, but we will be more prepared to meet God again.

Stay tuned for more embarrassing stories from yours truly next week😊 love y'all have a good week!!

Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1 and 2. New missionary training!!
3. I owe my life to this taco soup recipe. 👧💙🍜
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