July 17, 2017


Mt. Vernon


Sister Amanda Wilcox

Free Willie 🐳

Hey y'all!!

So if you're looking for love, you find love at Dominios. Hahaha we were having dinner at one of our members house, and I asked them where they met, and how they fell in love, and all that juicy stuff. They were telling us where and everything and their little 5 year old, Nash says "No, Dominios is where the love happens" hahaha it was the cutest thing ever! Listen to Nash, and go to Dominios😉

It's been an awesome week here in Mount Vernon!! We've seen so many blessings, and I know the Lord is looking out for his children here in Mount Vernon and preparing them to hear his gospel.

The other day a member of our ward told us there have been some people moving into her apartment building, so we should check them out. At the first door a grumpy man, answered and quickly sent us away. We tried the rest of the building and no one answered, until we got to one of the last doors. A guy around our age answered and told us he'd just moved in. His name is Willie and he was really open to meeting with us, he seemed happy to be welcomed after just moving in. I had such a good feeling as we spoke with him. We exchanged contact info, and later set up a lesson. Afterwards Sister Wilcox and I talked about how we felt really good about Willie, so we were excited for our lesson with him!

A few days later we had the lesson and it was amazing! Willie has definitely been prepared by Heavenly Father to receive the gospel! He had such great questions and was very receptive to all that we taught. The questions he asked lead perfectly to other parts of the lesson, and he was very genuine as he asked them. We gave him a Book of Mormon and as we handed it to him he said he'd "most definitely" be reading it. He asked where church was and said he'd come. We invited him to be baptized and he said "oh yes!" I couldn't stop smiling. He was fascinated about missionary work and said a great closing prayer.

Willie followed us to church Sunday and stayed for all three hours. I think he really enjoyed it! The branch members were awesome about welcoming him, and one family even invited him over for dinner. Everyone loves him! While one of the members was talking to him he said "I'm just so grateful for the sisters for helping me find this church!" He is so sweet and made me so happy!! The sacrament meeting talks were about the plan of salvation and agency, so they were perfect for him! In Sunday School we learned about the Atonement and he asked great questions. It was such an amazing day!!

We also got to go on exchanges this week with our STL's. And guess who got to come here with me.. Sister Draper!! For those of you who don't remember haha she was my trainer. It was a super fun, and awesome exchange. Seriously everything I needed at the time.

I really have felt God's love for me this week. I know He is there and understands everything we are going through. As I've been studying the scriptures this week, God's love for all of us has stuck out to me. Everything He does, everything He blesses us with is ultimately because of the great love He has for us. God's love is real, He is our Father in Heaven. He is continually looking out for us, and cheering us on, and giving us countless blessings so we can know of Him, remember His plan for us and return home to live with Him again.

My fingers are crossed that my mama gets Wi-Fi, so she can send this out haha. Have a blessed week😘

Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

Pictures or it didn't happen😉
1. Now we know where we can get shelter at😂
2. This is the amazing Sister Vickers!! (Mama Vickers)
3. And this is the other amazing Sister Vickers! (Keely) funny pics for the win!


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