July 10, 2017


Mt. Vernon


Sister Amanda Wilcox

Living the tangled dream✨🎐

Hey y'all!!

Indiana sure loves their fireworks! Even though fourth of July was Tuesday, everyone is still firework happy and have been setting them off all week. We even got one thrown at our car... darn kids😂 but have no fear, Glenn Coco is clear😉 I hope y'all had an awesome fourth of July!! Sister Wilcox and I got to check off on our bucket lists setting off some floating lanterns. Twas a night of great joy, for us and the sky.

So because Mount Vernon is a small town, you get to know the people who hangout on the streets, because we're always hitting the streets. There's this one guy named daniel that we always run into, and daniel always has some crazy story to tell us about how he hurt himself. The last time we saw him he was so excited to tell us he didn't have his arm in a sling any more. Daniel looks at us and says, "I need a big hug." Hahaha you should have seen how fast I got Sister Wilcox and I out of there. Avoiding sticky situations is something you get good at haha.

We got to meet our new mission President and his wife this week at zone conference. President and Sister Hughes are awesome!! They both have so much love for all of us and you can feel that love when they talk with us. It's amazing. During one of our trainings, President Hughes talked about our gravestones. I really enjoyed his comment about our gravestones and how we all have a birth date and death date. And also the dash in between those dates. I loved how he gave me a new outlook of that dash and how that's where all the important events happen in our lives. It reminded me of a quote by President Hinkely when he said, "The religion of which you are a part is seven days a week, it isn’t just Sunday. … It’s all the time—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year." When he mentioned the gravestone, it made me think of my mission term. Yes, I have my starting date, and unfortunately I have an ending date to my mission, but the dash is the most important part, because that's where I can serve and like President Hinkely's quote mentioned represent the Savior all the time. The dash of my mission term is where I can be on the Lord's errand at all times. I'm so thankful for the time I still have to serve a mission. Missionary work brings me the greatest joy!!

Also, one of our members in the branch called us and let us know her grandson wants to be baptized!! Member referrals are golden. Were super excited to start teaching Jaden this week.

President Hinkely is bomb and I love all of his teachings. I was reading one of his many awesome talks this week and he stated how, “The way of the gospel is a simple way. … Humble yourselves and walk in obedience.” I was reading in Jacob 4 and I kept thinking about this quote. This chapter was talking a lot about how we should listen to the words of the prophets because by doing this, you are following the counsel from God. I remembered the story of Elijah from the bible when the Lord told Elijah to go and hide himself by the brook Cherith, and that there he should drink of the brook, and that he would be fed by the ravens. The scripture records a simple and wonderful statement about Elijah, “So he went and did according unto the word of the Lord” after doing this Elijah was indeed fed and received the blessings from the Lord. If we want to receive the blessings from the Lord, we can look to Elijahs example and simply do the things that the Lord asks us to do. How can we do the things the Lord has asked us to? Follow the instructions given by the prophets and apostles. This made me think I need to do exactly what the Lord asks of me without any doubts, questions, or disbelief. As we keep his commandments and do what he has asked, we will be blessed. Even when it's simple, just simply obey, “the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light.” (Prov. 6:23.)

Since my mama is going out of the country next week, my weekly email may be postponed. Well I hope all y'all keep loving the Arizona heat, and have an awesome week!! Love youinns😘

Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig


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