June 19, 2017


Mt. Vernon


Sister Whitney Bradshaw

It's a girl💜🤰👩‍👧

Hey all y'all!!

What a week it's been! I'm convinced every week is so different, but still so similar. And one thing I've learned through missionary work is that change is good. And this is the gospel for change. Speaking of the changes... we got transfer news!!! Drum roll please. 🥁🥁 So, Sister Bradshaw is leaving me😢 she's getting transferred to Jessamine, Kentucky to be a sister training leader, so awesome!! And I'm staying in good old Mount Vernon and I'm prego, due on Tuesday!! I'm gonna be a mom!! Hahaha just kidding, well kinda. I got called to be a trainer, so I get to train a new missionary straight out of the MTC. I'm getting a greenie when I'm still a greenie... this should be fun😂 I'll find out who she is and meet her on Tuesday, so I'm really excited!!

Anyways, Sister Bradshaw and I have had an awesome last week together, we really thought we'd be together for another transfer, but the Lord has other plans. One really awesome thing that happened was we were walking down the street and we stopped to talk to these two guys. So, Sister Bradshaw is an awesome singer and the guy we were talking to shared with us how he loves to sing. Sister Bradshaw asked to hear him sing, he did and then he asked her too. They legit had a sing off right there on the street. It was so awesome!! It was really cool because Sister Bradshaw sang I am a child of God, and as soon as she started singing, I felt the spirit so strong. I know those men felt it too. This experience showed me how we can use our talents to share the gospel. God has given us different and unique talents for a reason. We can all use our God given talents to help others.

As I was reading in 2 Nephi 27, I came across an analogy I loved! The Lord is talking to us about how he knows us personally. Just like an inventor knows it's machine. He talks about a potter's clay. And I looked up the reference to this and it took me to Jeremiah 18:6 where the Lord is again speaking and says, "O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel." This made me come to realize that we are the clay in the Lord's hands. If we let him, he can shape us, into amazing works of art. But one, we have to trust him, have the faith in him, and let him make us into a master piece. We have to allow the spirit into our minds and hearts and act on the things he is directing us to do in order to be in harmony with God's will. And as I have learned, God's plan may not be the easier plan, but it is the BEST plan😊

Alright some funny stories that have happened this week. One don't play the floor is lava game kids. It's dangerous and there could be fatalities. Hahaha well it's only dangerous if you're me!! Our members took us to the park for dinner and afterwards we were playing the floor is lava game. When someone screams this out you have 3 seconds to get off the ground and onto something else. Well they called it and i booked it for the swing set. I made one foot on the swing and I was running so fast I didn't get my other foot on and I did the splits down. EVERYONE was dying laughing, and now I don't play that game hahaha😂 lesson learned. Also, don't text and walk or you'll be like me and run into a pole haha. Sister Bradshaw and me had a good 10 minute laughing session over that dumb move of mine 🤗

What a bittersweet time it's been. One we are getting a new mission President, so zone conference was emotional, and transfers just added to everything. But I'm excited for what's to come! Missions will keep you on your toes. Have an awesome week my peeps😘

Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1. Always laughing with my girl B!
2. See that pole in the background?? Yep that's the pole I ran into😂
3. We got to do a district service day this week it was way fun
4. I got to hold a parakeet named Alex. Alex wasn't a nice bird, it bit sister Bradshaw haha.


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