May 1, 2017




Sister Meghan Draper

New Baginnings

Hey Y'all!!

Therese was baptized on Saturday! It was such a neat baptism and I felt the spirit so strong. After she had just gotten baptized she asked to say a prayer with Sister Draper and I, she gave the most sincere prayer that really touched my heart. That is a moment I will remember forever. There is so much joy in missionary work, and I feel so privileged to be able to work with such amazing people and help them start their road back to our Heavenly Father. It was cool to see how much I learned from teaching Therese. She really is so amazing and I can't wait for her to continue to grow in the knowledge and love the gospel brings to each of our lives.

After the program had ended it was so cute, Therese told Sister Draper and I we looked like proud mama's. It was true though, in that moment I felt so proud of Therese and the steps she had taken to come closer to our Savior.

So, one of our members got a cake for after the baptism. When he went to pick it up he said, "There was 3 big, black ladies... the cake had a word spelled wrong.. I was not going to correct them!" So the cake ended up saying "new begannings" hahah too funny😂

We also had exchanges this week. I stayed in my area and one of our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Andrus came to our area for the day. It was such a fun exchange! I got to drive for the first time in three months haha. It was an exciting time I'm telling ya. The roads here in Kentucky are killer. They call Dixie Highway, "Dixie Dieway." It's a good thing I'm such a good driver😉

I found a quote by Sister Cheryl C. Lant that explained reading the Book of Mormon perfectly. She said, "Each time I read them, I am, in a sense, bringing a new person with new eyes to the experience. Where I am in my life, the experiences I am having, and my attitude all affect how much I will gain." As we read the Book of Mormon we should read it as Nephi explained in 2 Nephi 4:15-16. There is so much knowledge and wisdom we can gain and no matter how many times we read from its pages, we can learn more. That's what I love about this gospel, you can always learn more!!

Well its been a very good week here in Kentucky. We woke up one night to the loudest thunder ever! It was awesome haha!! Anyways, I challenge everyone this week to look around at all the amazing things you have in your lives. Write down all your blessings, the Lord gives us so many things to be grateful for :)

Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1 and 2. Thereses baptism!! BEST DAY EVER
3. The cake hahaha
4. My first time ever having KFC! That was a big moment haha.


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