April 3, 2017




Sister Meghan Draper

God's Little Flock

Hey Y'all!

Wasn't this weekend just awesome?! There were so many great talks given this weekend during General Conference. I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk and how we are God's little flock. "Fear not little flock, we are the saints of the latter days" We are his covenant people, and we don't need to be clouded with fear, we can move forward with faith and trust God as we approach the challenges and opportunities a head!

I also loved all the talks about how the holy ghost can lead us and how we can recognize the spirit more in our lives. If we use the holy ghost more we can all be creators of circumstances instead of creatures of circumstances. All we really have to do is listen and act, that's so cool and not too much work.. I think we can all do that:)

So this week we got to go on exchanges. Exchanges are for 24 hours and we switch companions for the day. I got to go to "sheep town" it's like 20 miles away from my area. I was with Sister Brennan and she is one of our Sister Training Leaders, she's so awesome! We got to do lots of tracting which is knocking on doors and we were talking with a lot of people because they don't have too many investigators right now so they are working really hard to find more. As we were tracting, we weren't having much luck with people being home or wanting to listen to us... surprise surprise, but as we were looking for a referral that Sister Brennan had we got lost. She decided there was a reason we got lost and that we should stay in the area for a little bit and see if we found anyone. There were 5 apartment buildings in that area and she asked me which one we should go to. I had no clue on earth which one, but I knew the Lord would know so I asked her if we could say a prayer. After we said a prayer looking for direction I just decided we should try the third one. As we were walking up to the apartments there was one door that really stood out to me. I told Sister Brennan we needed to go there haha. We knocked on the door and a middle aged woman answered the door and said "oh hey, come in come in!" We were shocked and said "have you talked with missionaries before?" And she said "well yes I am a member!" We came to find out she was a member the sisters had been looking for and couldn't find for a while. She told us it was a miracle we came when we did because she is never home. She was shocked we happened to show up when we did and that she was home, talk about perfect timing! It was awesome being able to meet her and we actually got a really good referral from her! Exchanges are awesome it's so nice to be able to get a different perspective and learn more from different missionaries.

Sister Draper and I decided we wanted to visit an investigator who had been dropped by other missionaries, I am SO GLAD we chose to do this. From the second we walked in Jessica's door I could tell there was something special about her. After our lesson with her we came to find out she is very interested in joining the church but the missionaries before us had issues with her that shouldn't have really been issues. Anyways, she is so ready to join the church, but needs some help getting there and I am so happy we are meeting with her and helping her!

I can't begin to explain how grateful I am to be serving my savior and carry out his work each and everyday. It is the hardest thing, I LOVE to do!! I'm learning more and more about who my savior is and just how big of a role he plays in my life. I am also so thankful I have this time to strengthen my relationship with Jesus Christ and my loving Heavenly Father. I didn't know I could be experiencing this much happiness everyday.

Ooh yessss so remember how I told you guys therese was worried about not knowing how she hears and feels the holy ghost?! Well after the fireside we took her to she texted us the next day and said "thank you girls so much for taking us to the fireside it was so fun! I'm feeling so good today. Hmmm.." she's totally feeling the spirit, oh man I love that woman!

1. We got totally spoiled by our members while we watched conference! They had blankets and nice reclining chairs and boy lots and lots of food! I promise I didn't fall asleep, I stayed strong :)
2. Alright so when we met for exchanges we ended up meeting at a liquor store of all places haha so we had to get a picture hahaha
3. The chick in the glasses is our awesome member Caitlin Bonzo and she just got home from her mission like 2 weeks ago. She loves to come out with us and bless her heart for driving us to District Meeting to save our miles!
4. Arizona may have really beautiful sunsets, but Kentucky has the best rainbows! Y'all should be jealous😘

Love you guys,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig


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