March 27, 2017




Sister Meghan Draper

A Series of Unexpected Events

Hey Y'all!!

Man this week has been a good one! I have had so many of my prayers answered this week and I am so thankful for the knowledge I have that I know I have a loving Heavenly Father who hears me and sends answers my way. I have seen this week how specific prayers bring specific answers. A ton of our plans have not gone how we had planned throughout the week. One day, I swear every single appointment fell through. I was really praying hard that we would know where to go and where we should be so that we could really help someone. There were several times when I just thought of a person in my head and we went and checked up on them. Then at the end of the night, we decided to check up on Kathy. She's one of our neighbors who we have been trying to get a lesson with, but she's never home. And that night she was, and she was having a very hard night and we were able to be there for her and let her know that God is aware of her and loved her very much. After we left, she texted us and thanked us for not forgetting her and helping her to know that God really loved her. I know that there was a reason all our other plans fell through and that was because we were able to be guided to Kathy and help her because she was who needed us the most at that time.

Zone conference this month was so good! I love being able to get together with all the other missionaries and learn from them ways I can improve and be more effective! It was really neat because as we were practicing teaching I remembered that the things I have gone through my entire life have been for a reason, I have been called to Louisville, Kentucky for a specific purpose. The events in my life and the things I have learned can help others and that is why it is so important to share experiences with others as you are teaching them. Being able to relate and understand a person is key.

I think the biggest reason I have loved this week so much is because I have gotten to see my investigators progress so much. It is so amazing to see people make changes in their lives and when they make those changes they see the blessings from it. Therese is seriously amazing. She's one of those investigators who is teaching me. She is so ready for baptism and is so willing to do anything and everything that it takes to come closer to the Lord. Therese is an investigator who is dragging us to the font hahah. I am so proud of her she has gone a week without coffee and swearing! Also, she was very worried about her job and working on Sunday. She arranged in her schedule to have Sunday mornings off for church, but she still had to come in later. After we taught her about keeping the Sabbath day holy she wanted to obey this commandment but didn't know how she could make that happen. We shared with Therese that God will always provide a way and if she makes the steps to try and keep the Sabbath day holy, every thing would work out if she had faith. After the women's session of general conference she told us that she talked with her boss and told her she needed to not work on Sundays, but she would pick up more shifts on different days so she wouldn't have to work at all on Sunday. Her boss understood and said they could work with her on that! Therese was so happy and I am too because things really do work out when you are choosing to follow God.

As we were talking with a man on the street, we asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ with him. His response really stuck with me. He said "I always have time for Jesus Christ." This is so true we all do have time for Jesus Christ in our lives. And this is the time to come unto Jesus Christ. We can all follow His example and walk the path of happiness that He has given us.

Alright now for the funny events this week. Our ward is doing a 40 day missionary fast and each day one of the members is scheduled to fast. We are in charge of texting the members and reminding them that is is there day to fast. One of the teenagers in our ward signed up, but her mother is not a member, and she was not too happy about us telling her daughter she was fasting.. (read the texts below haha)

With general conference coming up this week I just want to encourage everyone to come with specific questions you want answered because we are going to have the opportunity to hear from God's messengers. I know your questions can be answered as you listen to the spirit for direction. Love you guys so much! Y'all are amazing!

Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig:)


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