February 27, 2017




Sister Meghan Draper


Warning this is going to be very long!
I made it to Kentucky!! I am finally here in the GKLM! So before I catch you guys up on this last week I'll tell you about my final week in the MTC.
It was a super fun week and I learned so much and got way close to my district! We had Elder M. Russell Ballard (one of the 12 apostles) come and talk to us at one of the devotionals. It was the coolest feeling being in the same room as an apostle of Jesus Christ. His talk was about how it all depends on us and our attitudes and choices to make or break our happiness. We are the painters of our pictures, so make it a master piece :) His talk was so good and really made me pumped for the field and ready to go.
Then the Sunday before I left the mtc we had sacrament meeting and I got randomly called up to give a talk.. I had prepared a talk because I had this weird feeling I would get called up and sure enough I did haha. My topic was on enduring to the end and it went better than I expected it to go, I actually didn't just read word for word what I wrote but bore testimony more and ended up going over time haha it was awesome!
Monday morning at 2:30 me sister wilde and sister Harris all got up and headed down to the buses to load everything up and we went to the Airport! I got so lucky and both my bags were 50lbs each so yes many blessings! We also got to fly first class to Kentucky! I felt pretty dang cool I even had my own pillow and yes I was out the entire flight there! I was sad I didn't sit by random people, I was stuck between two elders but it's okay I got lots of sleep.
President and Sister Brough picked all 9 of us up at the airport and we went to the mission home. They are so awesome and I really connect well with both of them. They are actually leaving in July and we will be getting new mission president's then, so thats a bummer but I bet the new couple will be AWESOME!
We pretty much just got settled in and went over lots of rules about the mission and had dinner and testimony meeting. Before we went to bed we were all interviewed by President Brough so he could get to know us a little better and make his final decisions about who are trainers were going to be. It was awesome because he told me he felt impressed to let me know that I was exactly where I needed to be right now and that the Lord knows this is the only place I am going to learn everything I need to, to help me in my future, it was a really good interview and it really made me excited to start my first day in the actual mission field!
Tuesday morning we went to the church with all of our stuff to meet our trainers and go to our areas and then get to work! My trainer is sister Draper, I call her drapes and she is seriously my twin! We are the same in so many different ways and we clicked from the beginning. We both love popcorn and the movie, "she's the man" haha its so fun I'm so glad to have her as my trainer. And she cooks so it's an even bigger bonus.
She has only been out for 4 months so she's pretty new to the area and on our way back to the apartment we got very lost hahah we ended up just going to see investigators or inactive members where we were at but every house we went to there was no answer. I was pretty bummed but as we were walking out of one of the apartments we saw a father and daughter outside and I asked drapes if we could go talk to him, she was down so we went up and started getting to know him. His name was Wayne Smith and he was higher than a kite haha it was pretty entertaining. We started teaching him the restoration and after I got done talking he said to me are you part of a Cult? I was like no, I'm not and he said are you sure you seem like you are brainwashed or something.. my eyes got so big and I had no idea what to say, so drapes stepped in and let him know this was my first day. He just started laughing and said okay okay that makes sense it's in her eyes. So apparently I'm brainwashed haha its funny looking back on it now but it freaked me out so much I mean this was the first person I was talking to and he thought I was part of a cult!?! SICK.
Anyways the rest of the day was kinda just a blur, I was just ready for bed. Wednesday we went and helped out at a food bank and that was fun. Then we had an appointment with a guy named Chris but when we showed up at his house he wasn't there. As a missionary you get really good with making back up plans because your original plans always fall through. We decided to go and knock on his neighbors doors and this is where we met Sally! Sally is a single lady and owns about 50 cats haha. She owns her own cat sanctuary and she rescues stray cats haha. She's awesome and when we showed up at her house she instantly said she was so thankful we came, and she thought God sent us to her for a reason it was super cool. She isn't really interested in learning about our church because she is very strong in her faith but we are for sure working on her, we went and saw her yesterday too and she offered to cook us dinner next time and that's our plan to teach her a lesson it's going to be awesome!
On Thursday I was having a harder day because we still hadn't taught a lesson to anyone all of our plans kept falling through. I really wanted to teach a lesson because I was nervous and wanted some practice. I was praying pretty much every second that our lessons would follow through and we would get to teach someone. Appointment after appointment kept falling through... we decided to walk to our last 2 places and on the way guess what. We taught 3 LESSONS! It was such a blessing and clear answer to all of my prayers. The first person we taught was Angie and she was sitting outside of her house and we shared a message with her and she started crying and asked us to come back and tell her more, and she knows God sent us to her. We haven't been back to see her yet but we're going sometime this week and getting her to come to church this sumday!
We also ran into a 15 year old girl named Jacki who was taking the trash out of her house and we began talking to her and she invited us into her house and wanted us to teach her! She got out a pen and paper when we started talking and it was so cool because I could really tell she wanted to learn. We gave her the restoration lesson and the book of mormon to read, I also asked her if after she read and pondered the book of mormon and knew if it was true if she would be baptized and she said yes so now we're are planning on meeting with her after school and continue teaching her the gospel. On our way out we asked her if there was anyone she knew of that would want to hear our message and she said her neighbors next door would love to so we walked next door and a woman named Adele answered the door and she invited us in, it was so awesome I was trying so hard to contain my excitement. We taught her and her husband Robert the restoration and are going to go back this week and teach them again so I'm super pumped to keep teaching them and get them to come to church.
Thursday was truly such a blessing and I know that the Lord is placing people in my path that I can teach and who are prepared and ready to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have the coolest job ever right now I feel so honored to be a representative of Jesus Christ and teach his gospel!!
Friday me and drapes got to go help out at a youth conference where the stake held a mini mtc it was super fun I got to meet a ton of other missionaries and all the sisters had a huge sleep over and got no sleep so I was a zombie on Saturday!
Okay now I'm going to talk about matu, princess, and Aaron my favorite people ever!! One of the areas by us gave us a referral from a member for matus family. Drapes and her last companion have been trying to get in contact with matu for like a week now. We finally got a hold of her Saturday night and it was too late to go over to her house and teach her a lesson so we decided to invite her to church and hope she would show up. And guess what she showed up at church Sunday and brought her two kids princess who is 15 and Aaron who is 5. They came to sacrament meeting late and when sacrament was over drapes told me I was in charge of finding out if that was matu and her family and making sure they stayed for the rest of church. I don't know how I convinced them to stay because they were super uncomfortable and unfamiliar with our church but they agreed to try it out. Me and drapes stayed with matu for gospel principles and relief society and you could tell she was super confused and unsure about what was going on. When church was over we had already had an appointment set up to go over and teach them at 4 so we made sure that was still on. They agreed to meet with us but I honestly felt like they didn't want any more to do with us and I was sad because I really wanted them to have a good experience at church.
When we went over to their house at 4 I was shocked with the new people I was talking to. Matu and princess had a different light in their eyes and when we were teaching them they had so many questions and really liked all the answers we were giving them. I have never felt the spirit so strong as we were teaching them.
They loved the book of mormon and both wanted their own copies. Princess even said that she heard the other girls talking about going to girls camp and she wanted us to help her get signed up to go. Matu told us she really enjoyed church and really liked all the people, they are planning on going next Sunday too! Aaron absolutely loved primary, he's seriously the cutest kid ever! Towards the end of the the lesson we invited both matu and princess to be baptized and they said yes and we set their baptismal date for April 1st and we are planning on meeting with them regularly to teach them all the lessons so they can be ready to be baptized then.
Walking out of their apartment I had the greatest feelings in my heart and I could really see the love the Lord had for them and it made me so excited to meet with them and share the Lord's gospel with their family. It was crazy how big of a change i saw in their family just by going to church and I know as we keep teaching them I will see their knowledge of the gospel grow and it will bless their lives and their family.
I haven't stopped smiling since yesterday it's been amazing haha! There is so much joy in missionary work and I'm so thankful to be here in Kentucky teaching all of God's children about Jesus Christ and His love for them.
Sorry for the super long email, just so many miracles have happened this week and I feel the love from my savior each and everyday! I know he is guiding my footsteps and helping me find those who need peace and happiness in their lives. I hope everyone has been having the best week and remember your heavenly father is just a prayer away! Love you guys😘
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