February 14, 2017



Sister Maddie Wilde

Yeauu It's the day of LOVE

Happy valentine's day all my peeps!
I don't even know how 2 weeks have gone by. It's crazy how all my days get mixed together I couldn't even tell you what I did yesterday haha! I was a little nervous about the go go go of missionary life but it's actually way nice, I feel so productive! On day three of the MTC I got the worst cold, but now I don't even have a stuffy nose! The Lord really looks out for his missionaries! He blesses me everyday because for those of you who know me I like my sleep A LOT! I was nervous to getting on a good schedule and be able to function properly so I made a goal to always be out of bed by 6:20 and I am doing it everyday and I feel awesome throughout the entire day it's such a blessing! Also at 10:15pm I'm out like a light, another blessing because I have struggled so much to sleep at night. The word of wisdom is so something to live by my friends!
D&C 58:4 says "for much tribulation come the blessings..." I know that I am being guided by the Lord everyday and He is here to help me, I couldn't be a missionary without my savior. I love that my entire purpose as a missionary is to reveal to others the teaching and truths of Jesus Christ.
This week has been so good and I feel like I am learning so much every minute! I really love having TRC and being able to practice how to teach to people. I know I still have a long way to go and I can't wait to keep learning more ways of how to apply my purpose in my teachings and in my life and to the lives of my investigators!
My missionary purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy Ghost, and enduring unto the end. This is Jesus Christ's gospel. He lived a perfect example of His gospel and desires for all of his brothers and sisters to live it TOO! Everyone of his teachings are for our benefit and can bring us closer to Him and our Heavenly Father. Read the book of mormon you can find every answer to your questions, i know i have and i know i will for my entire life! If we have faith in Jesus Christ we can turn our hearts and our faults to the Lord through His atonement and He can help us change to become more like Him. I know from my own experience that if we pray to know and learn of our savior, Jesus Christ we can be guided how to follow His example and then His gospel and we can all feel of His infinite love He has for everyone of us.
Sister wilde and I got to teach relief society this Sunday on faith in Jesus Christ and I was so thankful for that lesson because I learned so much from my studying and from the other sisters testimonies in the class! I felt the spirit so strong during the lesson me and sister wilde were bawling it was awesome!
I leave for Kentucky this next Monday at 3:30am!! I'm so pumped and ready to meet and serve the people of Kentucky!
I'm trying to think of some funny stuff that have happened this week but mostly we've been in class a lot and studying a lot and reading a lot but I do have all the respect from the elders in my zone because they said the first sister to make the pen in their shirt pocket on the first try would have their respect until they die and I made it hahaha they were so mad and said double or nothing and guess what I made it again!! They were all pretty shocked and so was I but yeah I got all the respect so that's pretty DOPE! I love my district so much I'm gonna be so sad when I leave and I know elder Nunn will be sad when I leave because he won't get any of my leftover food anymore! That's like a joke with our district from like day one my whole district makes fun of me because I've never finished one of the meals here because they are HUGE and so elder Nunn always eats my leftovers to "ensure no food is going to waste" as he put it hahaha.
Well everyone I hope you guys have the best day and feel loved because you are all so loved!!
I won't be able to email until next next Monday because of traveling to Kentucky so have the most crazy fun 2 weeks and make lots of good memories, love you guys!

Sister Ludwig


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