July 2, 2018




Sister Rachel Pankey

Match Makers...😂

Hey y'all!!

Hahaha alright, we need to start off with a funny story because this is good my friends! So we had dinner with the Filson Family this past week. They took us out to eat at this super nice Indian restaurant. Man was that food spicy!! Anyways, we had decided to introduce the idea to the Filson's that they should meet a family in our ward, so they could get good fellowship. Hahah when they asked us why they needed to meet them, Sister Pankey took over and said, "well as missionaires, we are like match makers! So we thought you could all hangout!" I guess we turned into match makers.😂 The look Brother Filson had on his face is a moment I will never forget. Let's hope the Filsons will take our match making offer.

And now for my embarrassing story... you'd think I'd be able to tell where the front door is at a house by now, but nooo. I'm still learning how to figure that one out. We were checking out some people and went to knock at their door, but it looked really weird. At this point though, life as a missionary is just strange, so you don't pick up on most things, so we knocked. Then we hear some moving around in the house and then a loud voice say, "that door don't work." Oops it totally was the back door. And we totally interrupted a family having dinner. Yikes. I can't even imagine the thought process that was going through their minds, when they hear a knock coming from their back door. At least, they were understanding. My thought process with people we talk to is to always leave with an overall positive experience. This is most likely the only time you will see these people. As members of the church, the people we meet will link us with the LDS church. I want to always let that be an uplifting and pleasant experience. As Charles says, "it doesn't take a penny to be nice to someone."

I've been extra grateful for all the contacts and interactions I've been having with others. I really have learned SO much from the random people we run into everyday. And I love having a new perspective about each person I meet. I can see how it is very easy to overlook the people around me. The people become just that, people. BUT. There isn't just people all around us. We are surrounded by children of God. The most supreme being has allowed you to cross paths with his children. That is something extraordinary. Each of us was created by our Heavenly Father. Each child of God has amazing gifts to offer the world and you get to learn about those wonderful talents, by taking the time to truly get to know people. I know for a fact that the people I have met on a mission have changed me. Their light and spirit has made an impact on me. No wonder the work of the Lord is focused on Heavenly Father's children.

ALSO, I was able to have a very sacred experience concerning the Book of Mormon. I had finished reading in Moroni chapter 10 and wanted to pray once again to know if this book is true. I held this book close to my heart and poured my heart out to my Father in Heaven. As I was pondering about all the truths I've learned from this book, the strength I've been able to feel just by reading its pages, and the unconditional love and mercy from Heavenly Father, I had this thought that I will never look at this book the same ever again. Before, having these experiences, I just saw the Book of Mormon as that. I didn't have any emotional pull to it. I trusted that it was the word of God, but I didn't truly know that for myself. As I was praying, I had this sweet impression come over me that I would not look at this book the same again because I let this book into my life.
I opened my heart to allow it's message to impact me. And it did just that. I read the teachings, I studied the words, I prayed and sought for truth from it's doctrine, and I felt my spirit lifted to places I never thought were possible. The Book of Mormon is either true or it is not true. It's hard to believe, and easy to challenge, but if you will let this into your life you will see the greatest light for your eyes.

I held this book in my hands and prayed to my Father in Heaven again asking for a confirmation that this was his word. The thoughts that came to my mind were, "of course you know this is my word. Hasn't reading it's pages helped you know more about Jesus Christ? Hasn't it helped you know more about yourself? Hasn't it showed you the love I have for you? You know it has."

I testify that the Book of Mormon is a witness of Jesus Christ. The reason why I have found more is because it gives more knowledge and light of the most perfect person to ever walk the earth. When we let this witness become apart of us, we can carry that witness of Him. I know that having a witness of Jesus Christ is everything I needed for my life. I can always fall back and rely on the truths I have learned. I will treasure the time I have put into studying The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, because it helped me start to develop my testimony and witness of my Savior.

We were able to meet Ray this week! As we were walking up to his door I had such a good feeling that something amazing was going to happen! It's strange that I can get certain feelings while I am walking up to a house and know good things are about to happen! The spirit does amazing things!! Ray willingly opened his heart to hearing our message. I asked him, (after teaching him the restoration) what this message means to him? He redirected it back to me, and I was SO excited he actually asked. Most people don't, but I could tell he genuinely wanted to hear why it was important to me. I felt the spirit fill my mouth and I was able to bear my simple testimony to Ray of the restoration. I love being able to share what has changed my life and as we share we can allow others to do the same.

Since I am the American Minute Group Leader in our district I have to put together short messages about America to get us all pumped for the amazing country we live in! With 4th of July coming up, here's a random fact for y'all... on 4th of July 150,000,000 hot dogs will be consumed in America. Get the grill hot and enjoy some hot dogs!! You can be part of the 150,000,000😉😉😎

Love youinns,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig


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