June 11, 2018




Sister Rachel Pankey

"I didn't think I'd miss the smell of the basement."

Hey y'all!!!

The Evansville District just got some wild updates!!! Drum rollπŸ₯ Sister Wilcox got transferred back to Mt. Vernon!! So she's in our district! Ohh my heart is so full. My favorite comment she made so far was that she actually missed the smell of the bat cave!πŸ˜‚ We could probably write a book about all the crazy stories and good memories we made in the good old bat cave in Mt. Vernon. Blessed land. If you couldn't tell, I'm SUPER happy to have Sister Wilcox by me again.😊

It's been a packed week for us here. And an even busier week to come.πŸ€— Our district is doing a service project tomorrow and can you guess where were going...?? yep that's right! Good old Mt. Vernon! I'm so excited! It'll feel like a year ago. Geez, life is just really good!!

At the beginning of my time here in Evansville, Sister King and I were out walking around checking on some investigators. Sadly, they weren't home and as we were walking back, I noticed this little girl probably about 8 years old watching us. She was doing the "floss" dance move, and we went over to her and started talking with her. There was something very special about this girl. We told her she was doing an awesome job at flossing and learned her name was Lilly. So cute. Instant love for Lilly! Her grandpa came out to see what was going on and we got to talking with him. As we were telling him who we are and what we do, Lilly's face lit up and we felt like she knew what we were doing was good and true. It's so cool how little kids are very intuned with the spirit. Lilly helped her grandpa to want to hear more of our message. So for the last couple weeks we have been in touch with their family and helping them learn more about Christ's restored gospel. We've only met this little family a handful of times, but it's remarkable how close we already are with them. There really are people we are suppose to meet and be connected with. There is such a unique and incredible spirit in their home. You can really feel their desire to have a strong Christ centered home.

At the end of one of our lessons, Charles, Lilly's grandpa told us he wants his son to also get a Book of Mormon and start reading it. We gave Charles the Book of Mormon to give to his son Cody about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, we went by to follow up with how things were going, and Cody was there too. We asked him if he was able to get the Book of Mormon and he said, "oh yeah, it's good. I'm already in the Book of Mosiah." WHAT????? Their family is extremely prepared and know truth when they find it. It's so amazing to work with them and just help them receive more of Christ's teachings into their lives.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how special it is that we are able to take Jesus Christ's name upon us. To be able to stand as a witness for Jesus Christ and to remember the name, that is the greatest name, who changed human history; we must live our lives as he would. By doing so, we will have the most strength, peace, and love in our lives. If we have these things in our life and Jesus Christ's power, how could we not succeed?

Rely on him who wants what's best for you and will give you the best!πŸ’›

Love youinns,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1. When it's hot and humid you gotta do what you gotta do! Sister Pankey's got the goods.
2. I guess I'm a brunette now??
3. Who even knows what's going on...


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