May 30, 2018




Sister Rachel Pankey


Hey y'all!!

Due to memorial day, our pday was moved to today!! Happy Wednesday🤗 So much has happened... let me update everyone! Transfer news came and transfers actually happened yesterday! Big stuff! I had to say bye to Sister King yesterday😣 She is going to New Albany bike!! She will kill it, I'm excited for her! And I am staying here in Evansville for my last six weeks... what!!! I know. Sister Pankey is my new companion. And guess what... she is NOT from Utah! She's from Vegas!! I actually knew Sister Pankey from Morehead! We went on a couple exchanges, so we are pumped to be able to serve together.

About my subject. I'm sure y'all are dying to know! I died when I found out that our members, Peaches and Lil Wayne are cousins with Beyonce!!!!!! They legit are. They share the same grandma! Isn't that insane?? Mind blown.

It's been a good week for us here in Evansville. Shaina is continuing to progress and shared with us how she knows the Book of Mormon is her stress reliever. One day when they were at a trampoline park, her husband shared with her how much he likes to get out and jump around, it helps him get out his stressors. Shaina thought about his comment and thought to herself, "this place gives me anxiety, I would rather read the Book of Mormon!" It's amazing to see that Shaina is able to experience the power that the Book of Mormon can bring into our lives. She's so cute, she told us instead of watching tv shows at night she reads more to feel of the spirit. Wow. Such a good example! The Book of Mormon can bring the spirit you need into your life.

I GOT TO FULFILL TWO OF MY DREAMS THIS LAST WEEK. okay first things first, Leah is the realest😉 She came out with us and drove us around in her wrangler! The most beautiful jeep! The jeep obsession is still very real. We had such a miracle happen! As we were out trying to get into contact with our ministering sisters, we were at this one ladies home, but no one answered the door. As we were walking back to my dream car haha we saw a lady and her kids unloading some clothes off of her truck to donate. I felt like we should go over and help her, so we did! Always follow the first prompting. Trust me, just do it! After talking with her we found out she has been on the search to find ways to deepen her relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Her church doesn't help her know how to do this, so she has been trying to do it on her own. We were able to share the Book of Mormon with her and told her about our message. Her face lit up and is so excited to have us come share more with her. I've decided the jeep brought many miracles to us haha. And as soon as we stopped talking with Ashley, the woman we were trying to see pulled up and we got to talk with her! Talk about amazing!! Thank you Jerry the jeep😍

Second dream came true... We went on exchanges with the Hermanas and I finally got to contact people in Spanish!! I bore my super simple testimony and tried to follow along as best as possible, and Hermana Robinson was amazing and it was so cool to hear her contact him because even though I couldn't understand everything I was able to feel of the spirit. It was so cool and Manuel felt it too because he is now investigating the church! Woot woot!

And since my time as a hermana for the day, I've had 2 people come up to me, talking in Spanish, asking about the church! I AIN'T KIDDING.😂 It was scary, but they know where the church is at and now we've sent the Spanish elders on the hunt to find Alonzo and another name I cannot pronounce. My Spanish speaking dreams are happening! Esta bien😎

Random fact for everyone... Brother Jenks is going to medical school. He's learning to listen to heartbeats and while we were at dinner he asked us if we wanted to see something amazing! One of the other members was there with us and had her 4 month baby there too. We got to listen to a baby's heartbeat. Did you know babies heartbeats are extremely fast?? I didn't either! The things you learn on a mission! Life changing!! Okay end of the randomness😂

Recently, I've been studying a talk by President Nelson about the atonement of Jesus Christ. I remember the first time I heard someone say that the atonement can be broken up to "at-one-ment" with Jesus Christ. That really stuck with me. I want more than anything to be united with Jesus Christ. Because of his sacrifice, that is possible. We can be AT ONE with him. Mormon 5:11 talks about being, "clasped in the arms of Jesus." How powerful that is, President Nelson said, "to be atoned-is to be received in the close embrace of our Redeemer." I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he loves me. He is on our side to be unified with him.

Love youinns,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

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