April 16, 2018




Sister Courtney Ashmead

The Escape Plan👌

Hey y'all!!!

BIG things are a happening. And my heart may have broken into a million, tiny, little pieces. Yes, the transfer news came... whether I wanted them to or not. They are here. And this is what is happening... big build up huh!!😉

SO. I am leaving the blessed land of Morehead and going to Evansville, Indiana. From one end of the mission.... clear to the other end of the mission. It'll be a long day of driving tomorrow!! I am going to be 13 miles away from my last area, Mt Vernon, Indiana. God bless it. You can bet I am pretty pumped!! My new companion is Sister King! I've heard she is pretty awesome. I mean anyone who can quote the ENTIRE Hannah Montana movie seems pretty rad in my eyes. Sister Draper (my trainer) actually got to train Sister King for her first 6 weeks! I'm pretty sure it's going to be a huge party! And I seriously have always wanted to serve in Evansville. It was my dream area to go to. Dreams really do come true. I was also asked to be the STL or sister training leader over the New Albany stake/zone. Which means I will be there to help the sisters in the zone with whatever they need. I will get to go on exchanges with them and do trainings at zone conference and all that good jazz. Semi scared out of my mind, but yanno it'll all work out! Hopefully. Usually you are in a companionship of STLs, so there is two of you. With the way transfers has been and so many people having to train I will be getting a companion, Sister King right out of training and being a solo STL. Yayayaya! The Lord's got a plan, even when I don't see it, so I'm just going to smile and do the best I can.😁

When we told Sister Ockerman the news she got all sad and lightened up, and said, "yanno you can always come and hide out here with me." Hahaha it was the cutest thing ever and I have considered it multiple times, but I guess I'll give Evansville a chance.

Morehead has seriously become a second home for me and I will always cherish the memories and relationships I have built here. Brother Curry's farwell gift to me was him licking his finger and sticking it right in my macoronni!!!! Really. C'mon!! But I ate it anyways! No one stops me from eating my ronni!!

Another highlight from this week was when Sister Ashmead and I schooled a bunch of boys in basketball. They were so mad. Sisters can ball👌

Also, I tried to avoid all possible eye contact with Brother Ratcliff on Sunday, so he would forget I was leaving and I wouldn't have to bare my testimony. It didn't work. But a sweet woman came up to me afterwards and said, "Whoever gets that smile for eternity is lucky." Hahaha awww. The Owingsville Ward is golden.

Sorry this is such a short email...and that I won't be able to reply to anyone...the crazy packing and goodbyes is making me a tad bit stressed but as a wise elder once said... "keep on, keeping on."

Love youinns,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1 and 2. My favorite human. How can I leave her?!
3. THE THORNS💛💛 they paid us a visit and I was a happy gal😁
4. Don't give elders face masks...


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