March 19, 2018




Sister Courtney Ashmead

Set Apart to be WEIRD🤗

Hey y'all!!

This has been such a legit week!! And also a very hard week! Totally describes a mission. Fun tip... never pray for humility unless you FOR SURE want to learn how to be humble. I was really striving to work on humility, and I have had several experiences that have tested me so much!! I'm grateful for the lessons I am learning on how to be a humble disciple of Jesus Christ. Life doesn't usually go how you want it to, (especially as a missionary!!!) but as we are humble and submissive to God's will, it will work out the best way because you are allowing his way to happen.

We were blessed this week to have some awesome trainings during zone conference. I always walk away from these meeting SO pumped!! Striving to keep that fire burning strong all the time, even on the down days. A question they brought up was "how converted are YOU?" It really made me think about my life and the decisions I make and how I want every decision I make to reflect my love for my Father in Heaven and devotion to follow Jesus Christ. Go back to the question "WWJD" (what would Jesus do). And I love how they pointed out that converted sometimes means not understanding. I for sure don't understand certain why's about my life, but I want to be more trusting, and seeing I don't always have to understand things right now. Answers will come in God's time, and everything will work out.😊

Another question that stemmed from our meeting was, "what do you want the Savior to catch you doing?" Deep one, I know. They shared a story of how an apostle said when Jesus Christ comes to the earth again he hopes he is doing something that shows he is a follower of the Savior. The apostle hopes he is doing missionary work, because when the Savior comes that's what he will be doing. I absoletly LOVED that.

Many times people not of our faith, respect us for the sacrifice we make to come out on missions and share Jesus Christ's hope with others. At zone conference the comment was said that "is it really a sacrifice or our purpose for being here?" I really feel like it's more of a privilege and one of our many purposes for being here on earth. The knowledge we all have of the gospel is for all and sharing it at this time in my life helps me feel like I know myself even better than before. Now I think that's pretty good.😉

Most of the missionaries around us, have heard about the trunk incident and Sister Ashmeads concussion. We got a training on how to have car safety and Elder Stucki wisely said "can we get a training on how to shut the trunk??" Dude, rude. Haha but really it was pretty funny. Gotta give him credit.

We also got blitzed this week! It was SO much fun. So a blitz is when other missionaries come into your area and work it. We had the zone leaders come and Mt. Sterling. The zone leaders serve on UK's campus and this week they are on spring break so they decided to blitz all the areas in our zone. They also had to do exchanges with Mt. Sterling, so they brought them along as well. It was a blast except for having to plan for 3 sets of missionaries... that took some time haha. When we gave them the plans the zone leaders said, "this is the most planned and organized blitz I've ever been on." Sister Ashmead and I count that as a success!! We had lunch on campus at chick fila. Hahah I never ever feel very weird walking around campus until that day. As sisters we fit in pretty good. I mean our dresses and skirts don't stick out too much. Now the Elders on the other hand, stick out like a sore thumb!! I felt like I was in a high school drama movie when we walked into the lunch room... I'm not kidding ALL eyes were on us. Hahah the poor elders were SO intimidated. One said "How do you do this all the time... I don't even feel like a missionary! I'd rather knock doors." It was hilarious. What was even funnier was this elders face when he realized he was going to be spending most of the day on campus talking with people. Poor guy, but he survived. We all did, and it was a very successful day. Elder Moody who seriously sounds like Josh Tuner (country music singer) sang for our members after they went all out preparing dinner for us. Morehead is just the best!!

We also met a guy who had met sisters about a year ago and still had our number memorized... Haha were staying away from that!! Since were on spring break this week, we are planning a blitz with beattyville. So we would be going there. That will be interesting!! Mama Shaggs I'm coming for ya😉😘

Also!! Miracle story!! So for 6 years, Sandy Gibbs has been learning about the church. He is married to one of our amazing members, and is always at church, but isn't all that interested in meeting with missionaries. While I've been here, I tried never to push Sandy into meeting with us, but just tried to get to know him, and be his friend. It's taken like 3-4 months now, but the door has swung open!! We had invited Sandy to attend a fireside, and he was all for it, but due to some health issues he asked if we could meet with him and wife instead. We wanted to not overwhelm him with our first official sit down lesson, so we planned on getting to know him, his back story with the church, and seeing what his goals/expectations are. You should have seen the look of Sister Ashmead and my face after he told us his goals. He said, "well I know everything about this church is true, I want to be baptized in the next 3 months, and then in the following year, be sealed to Lisa in the temple." !!!!!!! OKAY. Right now, he needs our encouagment and support to help him kick a word of wisdom issue. But wow!! Sandy is so solid and so funny and just so prepared! It made me really appreciate all the missionaries who had tried in the past with him, their effort wasn't wasted. Not even a little bit. Somethings take time and we don't get to see all the results of our work, but it is all worth it! This experience was a major testimony builder to me of having that hope that if it's not today than someday down the road.

Sandy also told us how he read the Book of Mormon in TWO DAYS. I'm telling y'all this man is a genius. He also looks like Snape from Harry Potter and I can't help but smile so big everytime I see him haha. Random fact for y'all but that's how I roll.😉

Love youinns,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1. The 4th amigo!!
2. Matching bracelets😎
3. Morehead RULES.
4. Elder Moody's nickname is "chicken" so we sent him some pictures and told him how we had a photo shoot with him😂


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